WSGW Morning Team Show: October 16, 2017

The WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and YOU on this Monday, now past the halfway point of October…

WSGW wants you to get your fall color photos ready to be seen online!   Very soon the WSGW OnLine Color Tour will be available at   We are asking you, your family members, your friends, anybody and everybody to post fall color pictures.   More information and posting opportunities coming soon from WSGW 790am and 100.5 FM.


On Monday mornings, following the 6:30 news, Charlie and Dave usually talk about the Lions, hoping as the season goes along, that this is the year (runs 3:36)


Later today, an official announcement of details and information will be made about a new form of baseball to be played in Saginaw during June and July of 2018.   It’s the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League.   This league will consist of Major League Baseball prospects using NCAA Division I players.   You can hear Charlie and Dave talk about a few other things that are known, including other teams that will make up the league along with our Saginaw Sugar Beets (runs 3:13)


From NFL TV broadcasts on Sunday, a couple of broadcaster funnies.   Well, one was funny, the other may have supposed to have been funny, but…

Dick Stockton was funny as he read a little bit too much of what he was supposed to read.   Some say it was a Ron Burgundy moment.

Al Michaels should have known better than to make this remark.   He did apologize.



Have you ever seen in this area extreme home Halloween decorations like this guy?

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) _ A Salt Lake City man known for his elaborate Halloween house decorations has ratcheted it up again this year with a display featuring a massive King Kong climbing on top of the Empire State building. The Salt Lake Tribune reports Ammon Smith has gained local notoriety for his massive displays that get bigger every year, ranging from graveyards, to pirate ships to fire-breathing dragons. This year the giant ape will take up residence on Smith’s home. It’s complete with an Empire State Building, bi-planes and a Barbie doll clutched in one fist. Smith is 33-year-old woodworker who found a love for extreme decorating when his wife asked him to outfit the house for Christmas in 2011.


Pope Francis is missing!   It’s not what you think…

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) _ Authorities say a life-size cutout of Pope Francis that was stolen from a New Jersey church during a bingo fundraiser has been returned intact. New Jersey police say the theft occurred sometime Thursday night at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Gloucester County. A post made on the department’s Facebook page the following night said the cutout had been returned, but there weren’t any other details given. It’s not clear who may have taken the cutout or what prompted the theft. One witness had reported seeing the cutout in a car occupied by three women, including an elderly person who was on oxygen.


Wake Up Song of the Day:   John Mayer “Your Body is a Wonderland“.   He’s 40 today.

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