WSGW Morning Team Show:   October 11, 2022  (Tuesday)

It’s the WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Pat and Michael Percha in the WSGW NewsRoom with  YOU…..




Charlie and Pat and YOU:     A new United States record pumpkin weighs in (follow up on a recent story), plus a Michigan man sets a new Michigan State record for heaviest pumpkin then wins a competition in Ohio  (runs 4:17)…..


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Giant Pumpkin Winner


Michigan Man grows Michigan State record pumpkin and sets new record for heaviest pumpkin at a specific festival in Ohio








Every Tuesday following the 8:30am news on the WSGW Morning Team Show, it’s the “Michigan History Moment”, and this morning, featuring Hartwick Pines  (runs 2:48)









Charlie and Pat and YOU:    Will Michigan’s “State Bird” be replaced by a new bird  (runs 4:30)…..

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Charlie and Pat and YOU:     Did Russia blow up its own bridge as part of the war against Ukraine  (runs 4:59)…..









Charlie and Pat and YOU:   Two men arrested for Grand Theft Fruit  (runs 2:36)…..

Click for Story of Grand Theft Fruit

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office said Erick Vasquez (bottom), 23, and Brayan Vasquez...











Charlie and Pat and YOU:     An update on the Texas Pete class action lawsuit story we had from yesterday  (runs 4:01)…..











Charlie and Pat and YOU:     A Saginaw born music legend will have his song used to promote a mental health campaign  (runs 2:08)…..








Charlie and Pat and YOU:     Security camera captures employees celebrating a Seattle Mariners playoff game victory over the weekend  (runs 3:05)…..










Man takes Camel to the Drive-Thru












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