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This is the WSGW Food For Families update!   We ask you, our Loyal Family of Radio Listeners, to listen for updates (and posted here on the WSGW Morning Team page) on where you can go to make non-perishable food donations to help those in need.   All donations are collected by the Salvation Army for distribution.   In return for your donation, you receive a copy of the all-new Listen to the Mrs. Recipe Brochure.   Here is the Food for Families location for today, a return visit from yesterday:

Cranes L&M Appliance Center, 3260 Bay Road.   Why wait til the end of the year to get year-end prices? Choose from a big selection of appliances right now and save.   Cranes L&M Appliance Center, featuring new, reconditioned and scratch and dent, is celebrating over 50 years of appliance sales and service.   You can make your Food For Families donations today and tomorrow from 9a-7p.

You can also find out more Food For Families information with WSGW OnLine


It’s another day of sexual harassment accusations and admissions of inappropriate behavior and Charlie and Dave cover some of the latest (runs 7:41) – links to stories below –

Representative John Conyers story

Charlie Rose story

Melissa Gilbert accuses Oliver Stone story

Arianna Huffington denies Senator Franken groped her in a New York Post story


Here is the link to the “gas price cycling” story Charlie and Dave referenced after the 7:30 news.


In the aftermath of the Vegas shootings, lawsuits are being filed.   Charlie, Dave, and Art reviewed some of the claims (4:11) –


(Charlie Rood)   Has anyone asked the animals what they think of this?   The first amendment I get (well, I don’t get, but at least it references religion).   The fourth amendment?   How does that work in this story, especially since the amendment starts “The Right of the People…”    The shelter gets money from the state.   Is there a separation of church and shelter?   I’d like to think, if given the chance to comment, Rover would want the blessing, and use the American Atheists as a fire hydrant.

TETERBORO, N.J. (AP) _ An atheist group is suing to stop an annual blessing of the animals at a New Jersey shelter. reports American Atheists Inc. claims in a federal lawsuit the Bergen County Animal Shelter’s blessing of the animals by a Roman Catholic priest violates the First and Fourth amendments. The shelter is run by the county’s Department of Health Services and receives money from the state.


If you were driving 119 miles per hour in a 65mph zone, don’t you think you would realize how fast you were going?   Imagine if you faced a judge with this infraction.   Oh wait, this story is about a person who should know what a judge would think!

NEW YORK (AP) — Fox News Channel host Jeanine Pirro (juh-NEEN’ PEER’-oh) has been issued a speeding ticket for driving 119 mph (192 kph) in a 65 mph (105 kph) zone in upstate New York.

The Daily News reports the former Westchester County district attorney was stopped by a trooper on Sunday afternoon in Tioga County. A state police spokesman says he doesn’t know what type of car Pirro was driving or whether she had any passengers.

Pirro says in a statement through Fox News Channel she had been driving for hours to visit her ailing mother and didn’t realize how fast she was going. She says she will “pay the consequences.”

The ticket is returnable Jan. 8.

Pirro is host of the Fox News Channel show “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Della Reese “Walk With You“.   Della passed away yesterday at age 86.   A Detroit native, she had an amazing career in gospel and entertainment.   Della’s starring role on TV’s “Touched By An Angel” was highlighted by her singing this theme song.

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