WSGW Morning Team Show: November 20, 2017

It’s Monday of Thanksgiving Week on the WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and YOU…..

This is the WSGW Food For Families update!   We ask you, our Loyal Family of Radio Listeners, to listen for updates (and posted here on the WSGW Morning Team page) on where you can go to make non-perishable food donations to help those in need.  All donations are collected by the Salvation Army for distribution.   In return for your donation, you receive a copy of the all-new Listen to the Mrs. Recipe Brochure.   Here is the Food for Families location for today and tomorrow:

Cranes L&M Appliance Center, 3260 Bay Road.   Why wait til the end of the year to get year-end prices? Choose from a big selection of appliances right now and save.   Cranes L&M Appliance Center, featuring new, reconditioned and scratch and dent, is celebrating over 50 years of appliance sales and service.   You can make your Food For Families donations today and tomorrow from 9a-7p.

You can also find out more Food For Families information with WSGW OnLine


It’s Monday Morning Lions Winning Fun with Charlie and Dave (runs 4:36)


(Charlie Rood)   In October, David Letterman received the Mark Twain Prize for comedy.   The ceremony was recorded for broadcast at a later date.   That date is tonight on PBS.   A participant in the ceremony won’t be seen in the broadcast, at least, as much as possible.   That would be Senator Al Franken.   Interesting to note, as you might remember, David Letterman had his own sexual exploits to deal with several years ago.   He had to admit having affairs with several staff members.   Letterman himself made his sex life public because he was about to be extorted over the secrecy of his affairs.   Now, compared to Franken, Letterman was never accused of sexual harassment.   Would it surprise anyone if any of the women he was involved with might make that claim today?   Hmmm…..

Here’s Charlie talking about this on-air (runs 2:40)


(Charlie Rood)   President Trump was tweeting back and forth over the weekend with LaVar Ball, the father of talented basketball playing sons, one in the NBA with the Lakers and the other at UCLA.   It’s the son at UCLA that was the subject of President Trump’s tweets.   You heard this story making the rounds, about LiAngelo Ball, along with some team mates, were detained in China following a shoplifting incident.   Father Ball made some comments about President Trump’s involvement to get his son and the others back home.   As part of his tweets, President Trump suggested “I should have left them in jail!”.

Charlie explains further and agrees with President Trump (runs 3:53)


This is Hollywood.   The opening weekend for “Justice League” tallied $96 million.   It was considered disappointing because predictions were for $110 million.   Of course, that was domestically only.   Worldwide, the opening take was $281.5 million.   Not to0 shabby for a disappointment.    On the other hand, the movie “Wonder” was in second place with $27.1 million.   Considering the budget for “Wonder” was $20 million, this movie is a hit already!


What?!   Now we need reservations to see Santa?  I have reservations about that!   Well, at least this is only from Macy’s in New York (at least as far as we know)…

NEW YORK (AP) – Santa Claus may be coming to town, but you’ll need a reservation to see him. At Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street in New York, a chance to sit on Saint Nick’s lap is by appointment only this year, for the first time ever. Starting today, people can go online to sign up for a time slot from 30 minutes to five days in advance. No walk-ins are allowed. Macy’s says the new arrangement is intended to cut down on wait times and make it easier to see the man in the red suit. The company says “Santa’s a popular guy, so the wait times to meet him have been quite long in previous years, especially on our busiest days.”


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Mel Tillis “I Ain’t Never“.   He passed away over the weekend at age 85.   We just used this song as a Wake Up Song of the Day on August 8 to celebrate his 85th birthday.

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