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Food For Families remains one more day at The Maytag Stores, but note the special hours.      We ask you, our Loyal Family of Radio Listeners, to listen for updates (and posted here on the WSGW Morning Team page) on where you can go to make non-perishable food donations to help those in need.  All donations are collected by the Salvation Army for distribution.   In return for your donation, you receive a copy of the all-new Listen to the Mrs. Recipe Brochure.   Here is the Food for Families location for today:

The Maytag Store locations in Saginaw and Frankenmuth.   In Saginaw, 3800 Tittabawassee Road, between 10am-Noon and 3pm-8pm (closed between Noon-3pm to prepare for a VIP Sale from 3pm-8pm when you can get your best prices and financing of the year today only).    In Frankenmuth, 477 North Main in the Kroger Plaza, from 10am-Noon only.

You can also find out more Food For Families information with WSGW online.


After the 7:30 news, Charlie and Dave with the weekly Saginaw Spirit talk with broadcast voice, Joey Battaino.   Among topics, we covered the big win over Flint last night and previewed a game this weekend to honor veterans with a couple of special guests (runs 10:50)…


A few World Series Notes…

  • Sports Illustrated is noting its prediction from three years ago…

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ What jinx?   Sports Illustrated boldly predicted an Astros’ World Series title on its cover in 2014 _ after Houston had lost more than 100 games for three straight years _ proclaiming: “Your 2017 World Series Champs.” It featured a picture of George Springer in a bright Astros jersey.
It proved to be oh so prophetic. Not only did the Astros win, Springer was named Series MVP after boosting Houston over the Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7 on Wednesday night.Sports Illustrated took a victory lap on Twitter, sending out an updated gif of the cover that shows Springer’s uniform morphing from the throwback rainbow version to the orange tops they wore in Game 7. The tweet simply said, “Called it …”   The SI cover has long been considered bad luck. Teams have flopped, athletes have been injured and some even died shortly after gracing the front page.  The magazine had a bit of a hedged bet in this Series, of course. It also ran a Dodgers cover this summer with the headline “Best. Team. Ever?”

  • One Astros player had a different ring on his mind than a World Series Ring…

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Carlos Correa and Daniella Rodriguez both left Dodger
Stadium with rings. The Astros shortstop proposed to his girlfriend on television moments after Houston earned its World Series title with a 5-1 victory in Game 7 on Wednesday night.   The proposal from her boyfriend of over a year completely surprised Rodriguez, a former Miss Texas. She had no idea Correa was contemplating the next step, or that he had been urged to do it by his mother.   Correa says he gambled and waited until the last game of the season because he knew the Astros had “championship potential.”   She said yes, of course.    While Correa went to the clubhouse to spray champagne, Rodriguez gleefully flashed the huge ring to her fellow Astros wives and girlfriends, including Kate Upton.


Here’s the ” GasBuddy Alert” we received from Patrick DeHaan, Head of Petroleum Analysis, for Gas Buddy…..

Nowhere in the country have motorists seen gasoline prices rising as fast as they have in the Great Lakes in recent days. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois have been particularly hard hit this week, and gas prices may soon rise to their highest since 2015 due to several issues.

The issues at work that are driving prices up so quickly: refinery maintenance, a major pipeline outage, and low gasoline inventories. Part of the blame could even be placed on long-gone Hurricane Harvey, as some refiners pushed back maintenance to cover production losses from the affected area. Now with Harvey gone, that pushed back maintenance is colliding with other planned maintenance that was also planned leading to a condensed maintenance season. Second, the Explorer Pipeline, with the capacity of nearly 700,000 barrels per day, sustained a leak last week, interrupting the ability for relief supplies to be sent from the Gulf Coast. Third, all of these issues have pushed gasoline inventories to their lowest levels in more than two years.

Wholesale gasoline prices have seen an impressive rally in the last week, rising nearly 50 cents per gallon, including another double-digit gain on the market today in response to continued tightness in the region. The issue is also causing gas prices to skyrocket in areas of Canada as well. A major problem that the Great Lakes doesn’t have that other regions do: the ability to resupply via waterborne shipments and pipeline deliveries.

It appears that due to the continued rise, hikes that have already happened in these areas have not covered the full jump of the rise in wholesale cost. Prices in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois could soon jump to their highest levels since BP’s refinery outage in August, 2015. GasBuddy estimates gas prices could soon rise to $2.99 in Michigan, $2.95 in Indiana and $2.89 in Ohio and Kentucky. Prices in Illinois, mainly around Chicago, could exceed $3 per gallon.

Relief will come eventually, once the Explorer Pipeline is repaired which is expected to be fixed within days. Even then, it will take days for gasoline flows to return to normal. The problem of refinery maintenance will still linger.

Motorists are cautioned to prepare for higher gas prices soon.


Hershey’s is introducing a brand new candy bar.   It’s just the fourth ever launched by the 117 year old candy company.   December 1 is the debut date.


Oops!   Heathrow Airport in London dealing with a lost memory stick that contained security information.   Some of the information related to protecting Queen Elizabeth II.


If you are searching health coverage options with the federal site, be prepared for maintenance times.


A New Rocket Grab Launch!   Get this deal quickly because it will sell out!

$25 for a $60 Gift Certificate During The 2017 Vno Fall Festival! (60% Off)


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Heatwave “Boogie Nights“.   Singer Keith Wilder passed away at age 65.

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