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Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     What’s Up with the Swedish Fish?!?!   Find out (runs 7:34)…..







Impeachment Hearings coverage plans on 100.5 and 790 NewsRadio WSGW and


WSGW will utilize our two franchise broadcasting stations to offer the following listening options:

– From 10am-Noon, on 100.5 NewsRadio WSGW and, Impeachment Hearings Live Coverage
– From 10am-Noon, on 790 NewsRadio WSGW and, Art Lewis Show, Focus, Terry Henne’s Farm Show

– Starting at Noon, on 100.5 NewsRadio WSGW and, regular programming of Rush Limbaugh Noon-3pm and Sean Hannity 3pm-6pm
– Starting at Noon, on 790 NewsRadio WSGW and, Impeachment Hearings Live Coverage… and then, joining Tom Sullivan 3pm-6pm


While our intent is to follow these plans, our coverage is dependent on how the hearings progress.

There may be unexpected breaks. There will be an expected lunch break.
At those times, regular programming may be broadcast.


Even if hearings are continuing, we have plans to broadcast our regular LIVE shows

of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Tom Sullivan, as these hosts will provide some coverage, opinion, and engage reaction.








Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     A special story from the Detroit News on the 25th season for Detroit Red Wings broadcasters, Ken Kal and Paul Woods (runs 6:12)…..

Here is a link to the Detroit News article about Ken Kal and Paul Woods







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The WSGW “Food For Families” Campaign is Underway…..








There’s an update to the “Joy of Cooking”!!!

NEW YORK (AP) – Imagine carefully testing several thousand recipes for a beloved cookbook.   Then imagine coming up with 600 brand new ones.   Now imagine doing all that in your home kitchen.   Without a dishwasher.

That was the monumental task John Becker and his wife, Megan Scott, took on when they chose to overhaul “Joy of Cooking,“ which has been described as “the Swiss Army knife of cookbooks.“

For the book’s first revision since 2006, Becker and Scott added 600 new recipes on top of 4,000 newly tried-and-tested from the past. Every section has been updated to reflect the latest ingredients and techniques.

It was a 1,200-page task that was in their blood. Becker is the great-grandson of founding editor Irma S. Rombauer, who self-published “Joy of Cooking“ in 1931.







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If you are heading to Key West, Florida, be aware of the “Sunscreen Controversy”!!!







Wake Up Song of the Day:    The Pogues “Tuesday Morning“.    Andrew Ranken is 66  (drummer)


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