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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:    Early this morning, from 3-5am on George Noory’s “Coast to Coast” Show, veteran journalist/writer/diver/investigator Ric Mixter was the featured guest talking about the Edmund Fitzgerald and more (runs 7:41)

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(George Noory)

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There were two guests on the show and Ric was the second guest from 3-5am


Natural Health / Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Natural Health / Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Host:   George Noory

Guests:   Benjamin Fuchs, Ric Mixter 

First Half:    Pharmacist Ben Fuchs will share natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health.

Second Half:   Journalist, author, former television news reporter, and historian Ric Mixter discussed the most remarkable shipwrecks on the Great Lakes, including the Edmund Fitzgerald and the huge storms that plagued the lakes for hundreds of years. There have been 5,000 to 10,000 shipwrecks in the region, with some 25,000 lives lost since 1679, he cited. The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on November 10, 1975, is considered the most famous of the shipwrecks, with many made aware of the tragedy from the popular Gordon Lightfoot song. Mixter believes it was a giant wave that downed the Fitzgerald, leading to the loss of 29 lives. Their bodies were never recovered, adding to the mystery, but during a dive in 1994, one corpse was found that likely was one of the crew, he recounted.

The storm that hit the Fitzgerald is not considered to be the worst. Gales in November 1905, sank six ships, and in 1913, 260 sailors lost their lives in a weekend storm that raged for some 16 hours at 60 mph. Further, savage winds on November 11, 1940, cut a freighter in half and flipped a modern steel freighter, he detailed. Mixter, who has dived in the waters to view some of these wrecks, noted that the intensity of such storms may be due to evaporating lake water that interacts with cold arctic air from Canada. He also talked about his project documenting messages left in bottles, often from various shipwrecks.













Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     Frankenmuth’s Fab Four “Greta Van Fleet” ready to tour with stops in Michigan, including Saginaw (runs 3:38)…..


Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:    A follow up to the conversation above regarding Great Van Fleet and a famous band connection (runs 2:37)…..)











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Have You Seen the “Cotton Candy” Lobster?!?!

Maine lobsterman finds ultra-rare 'cotton candy' lobster











British chauffer service offers rides in 'Tank Taxi'




















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