WSGW Morning Team Show:   November 1, 2022  (Tuesday)

It’s the WSGW Tuesday Morning Team with YOU and Charlie and Denyse and Pat (off today)…..



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Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     How did Halloween go for YOU?!?!









Every Tuesday following the 8:30am news on the WSGW Morning Team Show, it’s the “Michigan History Moment”, and this morning, featuring Isaac Wixom Lamb  (runs 2:52)…..


Speaking of history, how about this note of history with the passing of a World War II era woman associated with Anne Frank  (runs 1:32)…..








Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     Election Day is one week away and there are cautionary notes of results perhaps not being available on election night  (runs 6:04)…..









Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     The Post Office issues a warning about mailing cards and gifts using those blue collection boxes  (runs 3:13)…..









Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     How about this for Pumpkin Disposal?!?!   All you need is a hippo  (runs 2:17)…..

(This is video from the Cincinnati Zoo from a Halloween event in 2021)









Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     Taylor Swift sets an amazing new music record  (runs 2:51)







Last week, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the Sun “smiling.”

Seen in ultraviolet light, these dark patches on the Sun are known as coronal holes and are regions where fast solar wind gushes out into space.

NASA shared the image on social media, with people comparing it to the Teletubbies baby and the Stay Puff marshmallow man. Pic: NASA









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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Jerry Lee Lewis “Great Balls of Fire“.   The Killer died last week at age 91.   A life of great music and a personal life of great controversy.



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