WSGW Morning Team Show:   May 29, 2019   (Wednesday)

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After the 6:30 news, Charlie and Dave and Pat enjoyed the frustration of a TV weatherman in Ohio who received complaints when he interrupted a show for tornado warning coverage (runs 3:22)…..



After the 8:30 news, Charlie, Dave, Pat, and Art had fun with the story of Sylvester Stallone and a recent Instagram post with “Cuff and Link” (runs 3:15)…..

This amazing picture is the story of a man who rescued a Bald Eagle, holding the symbol of America in his arms, over Memorial Weekend

Pennsylvania motorcyclist rescues injured bald eagle in the road




Is this the worst first pitch ever at a baseball game?







Ten Tons of Trash left after a Memorial Day Weekend Beach Event




An already valuable baseball card increases its value…..

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (AP)  – It’s a valuable piece of baseball memorabilia, and it’s been sold for big bucks.   SCP Auctions in Southern California says a Honus Wagner baseball card has been sold privately for $1.2 million.   The card, which dates back to 1909-11, is in Good 2 condition on a scale of 1 to 10.   Honus Wagner cards are considered a big deal for collectors because they’re exceedingly rare.   Back then, baseball cards were distributed as part of a deal with a tobacco company.   Wagner, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, didn’t want his image used on a tobacco product, and refused permission to use his likeness. So production of his card stopped almost as soon as it started.   As a result, there are only a few dozen Wagner cards known to be in existence.



Most people buy lottery tickets at the same store and they are losers!    This woman buys tickets at the same store and wins…  BIG!

May 28 (UPI) — A Pennsylvania woman scored a $1 million jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket just two years after collecting a $100,000 prize.

Peggy Dodson of Lancaster County told Pennsylvania Lottery officials she bought a Max-A-Million scratch-off ticket Thursday from Peterson’s Grocery Outlet in Peach Bottom and scored a $1 million top prize.

Dodson previously visited lottery headquarters two years ago to collect a $100,000 jackpot from a Family Feud scratch-off ticket she bought from the same store.

The winner said she used somewhat superficial means to decide on the Max-A-Million ticket.

“I liked that ticket because of the color purple, so it was the first one [on the roll] and it was the million dollar winner!” she said.

Dodson said she and her husband are making plans for the latest jackpot.

“We’re going to pay our mortgage off, we’ll pay our truck off and we’ll go to the Grand Canyon and Alaska!” she said.

Spring Home Makeover

Wake Up Song of the Day:   Danny Elfman “The Batman Theme“.   He is 66 today.   In 1989, he composed the score for the original “Batman” movie starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger.

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