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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Phil Mickelson is the sports story of the weekend (runs 4:43)…..









Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Charlie has some fun with his Valley Lutheran JV Baseball Team on the Giant Slip ‘N Slide (runs 5:47)…..











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It was a Great Catch in a Girls Softball State Championship Game, but was it a Home Run?!?!







Space-Aged Wine Set to Sell For $1 Million

Two bottles of Petrus 2000 wine that spent over a year on the International Space Station are expected to sell for $1 million at Christie’s Auction House.

The bottles were shipped to space along with ten others back in 2019 and spent 440 days in orbit before being grounded back to Earth.

Upon their return, a group of sommeliers and scientists gathered to find out just how good “out-of-this-world” wine would taste. As it turns out, the space wine had developed a unique flavor profile with enhanced floral and smoky flavors.

The auction winner will receive two bottles of the wine for comparison along with “a decanter, glasses, and a corkscrew made from a meteorite.”

Proceeds from the auction will go directly toward “future space missions and wine research.” Cheers to that!

Bordeaux from Space

Photo via Christie’s Auction House








Only in Las Vegas could this be a COVID Vaccination Site…..

LAS VEGAS (AP) – JoJo Hamner calls it “the most Vegas thing” she’s ever seen.   And few would argue as health officials used Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club as a COVID-19 vaccine site.   Hours before the club opened for its real business Friday, health officials gave out about 100 shots.

One went to Hamner, a dancer who wore a French maid-styled lingerie outfit to get a shot into her already bare arm.   Afterward, she and others spent the 15-minute observation period seated in leather chairs in a room that featured dancing poles and a disco ball.

Some who got vaccinated said they’d been leery about getting their jab, but decided that getting it at a strip club made it worth it.








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Spring Home Makeover









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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Chumbawamba “Tubthumping“.  It’s a “One Hit Wonder Monday” song!   For our purposes, defined as a singer or group known for only one song to chart on the U.S. Billboard Top 40.   Or, even if a second song is on the chart, it is overwhelmed and generally forgotten because of the success of the “One Hit Wonder”.   In 1997, this song by Chumbawamba was a worldwide hit


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