WSGW Morning Team Show:   March 8, 2021  (Monday)

It’s the WSGW Monday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..



Starting Monday, March 15, “Markley, Van Camp, and Robbins” will air LIVE from Noon-3pm, on WSGW

Jamie, David, and Scott are heard now from 7-10pm on WSGW


Tom Sullivan is coming back to WSGW from 7-10pm!

For many years, Tom was on-air from 3-6pm.   His program went away with some changes a few months ago.

With Your requests and support, Tom will be back, starting Monday, March 15.

You can call Tom when he is LIVE from 3-6p and then listen later for his show



Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     The guys talk about Markely, Van Camp, and Robbins, and Tom Sullivan (runs 8:23)…..







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When is the last time you saw a payphone?!?!

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – New Orleans is removing dozens of abandoned pay phone kiosks across the city that have become obsolete with the widespread use of cell phones.

In a news release, the city said that a contractor would be removing a total of 77 pay phone kiosks.   After the kiosks are removed they will be put up at public auction.   As part of the $60,000 contract, the contractor will also repair the damaged sidewalk after removing the kiosks.

City official Ramsey Green says it’s “a big quality-of-life win for residents who live in these neighborhoods.”







Is the OnLine Sports Betting or Casino site legal or not?!?!

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) – A gambling industry group wants to teach consumers how to tell if a particular sports betting or online casino site is legal or not.

Conscious Gaming is a nonprofit group associated with an online gambling technology firm.   It launched its Bettor Safe campaign this week to promote the advantages of licensed gambling sites, and highlight the risks of unlicensed ones.

It also began state-specific campaigns in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where research shows many customers are confused about what is a legal gambling site.   It includes lists of all the legal sites in both states, and clues that a site is not legal.







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Wake Up Song of the Day:     The Contours “Do You Love Me“.   It’s a “One Hit Wonder Monday” song!   For our purposes, defined as a singer or group known for only one song to chart on the U.S. Billboard Top 40.   Or, even if a second song is on the chart, it is overwhelmed and generally forgotten because of the success of the “One Hit Wonder”.   In 1962, The Contours topped the charts with this song.   A few other songs charted, but not in the top 40, though a few were found on R&B charts.   However, this song is the claim to fame.   It also charted in #11 in 1988 when it was heard in the movie “Dirty Dancing”.   A “double hit”, one hit wonder???


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