WSGW Morning Team Show:   March 5, 2019  (Tuesday)

A WSGW Fat Tuesday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..


This Day Before Ash Wednesday and Our Annual Visit to:

Krzysiak’s House Restaurant, 1605 Michigan Avenue Bay City, MI 48708

 It’s the “Polish Palooza Polka Paczki Party”

This is a Fundraising for the Bay City Salvation Army Soup Kitchen

With Art Lewis on vacation, Terry Henne is LIVE on the WSGW Morning Team Show for the Fat Tuesday Fun at Krzysiak’s.   Ann Williams will join Terry at 10am for “Listen to the Mrs.”, plus Terry will host “Focus” and his “Farm Show” all from Krzysiak’s House Restaurant.

Picture is The Kowalski Brothers Band and Early Rising Patrons at Krzysiak’s


Krzysiak’s Staff with Tasty Paczki


Tray upon Tray upon Tray of Paczki


More Paczki





After the 6:30 news, Charlie and Dave and Pat visit Terry Henne at Kryziak’s House Restaurant in Bay City for Fat Tuesday Fun, and with Terry talking to Salvation Army Major Rick Ray, as the event is a fundraiser for the Bay City Salvation Army Soup Kitchen (runs 6:03)…..




Terry talks with Donny Jr. who carries on the tradition of his Dad who passed away last year (runs 4:25)…..




Terry talks with “Keith” from the Kowalski Brothers Band (runs 5:32)…..




The Best “Fat Tuesday” Shirt Message




Wake Up Song of the Day:    Live from the Fat Tuesday Fun at Krzysiak’s  (some music and conversation with Jeannie (runs 5:18)…..


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