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REMINDER!   Today, a statewide tornado drill is scheduled for 1:00pm.

You will hear a “Warning Test” around that time on both 100.5 and 790 NewsRadio WSGW.

You may also hear and see tests via television and community sirens.

Governor Whitmer has declared March 24th through the 30th Severe Weather Awareness Week in Michigan.





Charlie and Dave and Pat have a “local connection” update on the Perfect Bracket story from yesterday (runs 4:19)…..




Charlie and Dave and Pat and the strange twist (after earlier strange twists) in the Jussie Smollett case (runs 3:56)…..




New OnLine Poll for YOU…..





After the 8:30 news, Charlie, Dave, Pat, and Art comment on the findings of Michigan’s “Impaired Driving Safety Commission” regarding setting marijuana limits while driving (runs 6:35)……




Charlie says never, ever, ever, ever, ever, never, ever try and make a political point referencing Hitler (runs 1:30)…..

Link to USA Today story




Charlie, Dave, Pat, and Art and the NFL deciding to allow instant replay for pass interference calls (runs 2:53)…..




UPDATE on this story from yesterday…  the judge only “suggesting”, not mandating, a defendant should not drink Pepsi…..

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) — A Hawaii judge suggested a man not drink his favorite soda during four years of probation on a car theft conviction.

Judge Rhonda Loo suggested in a Maui court last week that 21-year-old Christopher Montilliano Jr. refrain from drinking Pepsi while on probation because he lied to police during his arrest, The Maui News reported Saturday.

Montilliano told officers that his cousin had allowed him to drive the stolen car and that he was on his way to buy soft drinks.

The judge suggested Montilliano not drink Pepsi for four years after he told her it was his favorite soft drink.

“You didn’t want to admit that you actually stole the vehicle,” Loo told Montilliano. “Is it because the soda made you do it?”

Montilliano spent seven days in jail following his arrest.   During that time, he learned the importance of complying with the law, defense attorney Josh James said in court.

“I’m not going to steal cars anymore,” Montilliano told the judge. “I don’t want to be in jail no more.”

Loo also sentenced Montilliano to 100 hours of community service and a $100 fine.

He had pleaded no contest to charges of unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle and driving without a license.


This story has been corrected to show that the judge suggested the man not drink Pepsi, but did not order it as part of his probation.



Wake Up Song of the Day:   INXS “Need You Tonight“.   Andrew Farriss is 60.


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