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Did you hear and see Neil Diamond performing in Las Vegas Saturday?  

He was on stage for the first time since announcing his retirement two years ago due to Parkinson’s disease.

(Denise Truscello/Getty Images)








Deadline to Enter is March 27!    You can enter more than once!

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In the face of Coronavirus, the Smurf Festival goes on!

 Some 3,500 people gathered on Saturday for a record-breaking assembly of 'smurfs'

(AFP Photo/Damien MEYER)






It’s his NAME, not a suggestion!!!!!

Lorne Grabher, of Nova Scotia, Canada, is fighting to keep his last name on his vanity license plate.

(Courtesy of Lorne Grabher)








Another sport considering ways to speed things up…  wonder what our friends at the Midland Curling Club think?!?!

The 500-year-old sport of curling is looking for ways to shorten games and keep fans engaged.   The sport’s governing body is considering radical rule changes as it tries to balance centuries of tradition with the modern need to move things along.   Among the proposals being tested are putting players on a more demanding clock and shortening games from 10 ends to eight.  

The proposals are pitting purists against those who want to see the sport grow among younger fans with ever-diminishing attention spans.








The Bizarre Way Pigs Started a Fire on a Farm in Britain…..

A fire at a farm in Britain was started by pieces of a pedometer that passed through a pig's digestive system. Photo courtesy of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

(Photo courtesy of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service)






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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry, Be Happy“.   Bobby is 70 today.



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