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After the 6:30 news, Charlie shares with Dave and Pat, an update on his Juniors baseball team he’s coaching (runs 3:39)…..





After the 7:30 news, Charlie and Dave and Pat discuss President Trump announcing his reelection campaign, and the overall campaign for president, noting the ages of some of the front runners, and if it’s time for a maximum presidential age (runs 4:35)…..


Charlie, Dave, Pat, and Art had the list of some of the lost items at the recent Bonnaroo music festival (runs 2:01)…..
Charlie, Dave, Pat, and Art with the story of pilotless planes (runs 4:18)…..

NEW YORK (AP) — Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine says he has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

The singer and guitarist of the heavy metal band announced the news on social media Monday, writing that he’s “working closely with my doctors, and we’ve mapped out a treatment plan which they feel has a 90% success rate. Treatment has already begun.”

The 57-year-old says as a result, Megadeth has to cancel “most shows this year,” though the 2019 Megacruise will happen “and the band will be a part of it in some form.”

Mustaine adds he and his bandmates, David Ellefson, Kiko Loureiro and Dirk Verbeuren, are in the studio working on a new album. It will be the follow-up to 2016’s “Dystopia,” which won the band their first-ever Grammy Award in 2017.




OOPS!   A purrfectly innocent mistake they say during a political news conference in Pakistan

Pakistani politician's press conference live streamed with accidental cat filter



A World Record Horny Steer

Steer's horn spread breaks Guinness records at 10 feet, 7.4 inches




Wake Up Song of the Day:    Paul McCartney “Spies Like Us“.   Paul is 77 today.   This is Paul’s last top ten hit, it was #7 in 1986, from the movie of the same name.


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