WSGW Morning Team Show:   June 14, 2021  (Monday)

It’s the WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..



It’s Flag Day!

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress Adopted the Design of the Original American Flag

ALSO, on this date in 1775, the Continental Army, forerunner of the United States Army as we know it today, was created









Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     A weekend of sports shows the Tigers future continues to get closer, Novak is amazing at the French Open, and a Saginaw Spirit player is a state champion in high school golf (runs 7:16)…..









Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     It’s the birth date of the Army, Actor Ned Beatty is dead, and Dave is ready to golf (runs 7:06)…..








Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     The state of Louisiana is adopting a “State Cultural Song” (runs 2:59)…..









Man Survives Encounter Inside the Mouth of a Whale

Massachusetts lobster diver survives being swallowed by whale: 'I was completely inside'









Hiring a Hit Man on a Payment Plan…..

Claudia Carrion, from Allentown, PA, has been arrested with criminal solicitation.   She’s been charged with attempting to hire an undercover detective to take out her husband.   According to a criminal complaint filed against Carrion, 44, she had been looking for a hitman.   The cops got wind of her intentions from an informant and conducted an underground operation on June 10.

The secret agent contacted Carrion and told her he’d be willing to do the hit.   During their discussion, she told him why she wanted her husband dead, alleging domestic abuse and multiple mistresses.

Carrion offered the pretend-assassin $4,000 for the job, but soon admitted she couldn’t pay the sum up front.   After some negotiations, they came up with a credit system.   Carrion would pay $100 right there and then. The remaining $3,900 would be paid over 39 installments, $100 per week.

As soon as Carrion handed the hundred bucks to the cop, she received handcuffs on her wrists.









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Wake Up Song of the Day:     “You’re a Grand Old Flag” for Flag Day!


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