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Charlie, Dave, and Pat:   Neil Diamond is coming to Broadway (runs 2:48)…..



Are you familiar with the “Bottle Cap Challenge”?   Here are links and videos…..

Link 1

Link 2


This week John Mayer and Jason Statham brought the viral bottle cap challenge to the mainstream.



Charlie, Dave, Pat, and Art:   U.S. Border Patrol closed Facebook group controversy and migrants drinking out of toilets –  or not (runs 5:16)…..


“Gorilla Crow”

Unusual posture of 'gorilla crow' causes a scene at Japanese mall





Nestle Toll House offering Edible Cookie Dough




DETROIT – Michigan’s 2019 summer season for igniting legal consumer fireworks started Saturday June 29 and runs through Friday July 5, from 11:00 AM – 11:45 PM each day.

While the Michigan legislature did act last year to adjust the timeframes during which legal fireworks are allowed for consumer use, this summer’s Fourth of July holiday season is still a proper time for Michigan families to safely enjoy legal fireworks on private property. (Under the previous state law, consumer use was legal only on the day before the holiday, Independence Day and the day after the holiday.)


Saturday June 29
Sunday June 30
Monday July 1
Tuesday July 2
Wednesday July 3
Thursday July 4
Friday July 5

Harry Webb, better known as Cliff Richard, leading a petition drive in his home country…..

LONDON (AP) — British rock icon Cliff Richard is calling for people suspected of sex crimes to be granted anonymity until charged, saying his life was thrown into turmoil by false allegations splashed across the media.

Richard was interviewed in 2014 by police investigating an alleged sex assault.   He was never arrested or charged, but footage of his house being raided was broadcast.

British police don’t formally identify suspects until they are charged, but names frequently become public.

Richard and broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, who was arrested in 2013 over abuse claims that were later dropped, launched a petition Monday calling for a “re-balancing of the legal system.”

Richard said he’d “been through the mill. When you know you didn’t do it, you feel you’re in a hole you can’t get out of.”


Wake Up Song of the Day:      We are Marching to Independence Day on Thursday with John Philip Sousa “Semper Fidelis“.


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