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Charlie, Dave, and Pat:   Yesterday, the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational officially started, and Dave describes how it began (runs 5:47)…..






Charlie and Dave and Pat:   Charlie and his can/bottle return story to raise funds for the Saginaw Township South Little League Junior All-Star Team to compete in the State Tournament in Grand Rapids (runs 3:10)…..






Charlie and Dave and Pat:   THIS will make you feel old (runs :58)…..





Paul McCartney to do something brand new…..

LONDON (AP) – Paul McCartney is writing his first stage musical, an adaptation of the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.“

The ex-Beatle is collaborating with “Billy Elliot“ playwright Lee Hall and West End producer Bill Kenwright.
McCartney said he’d never considered writing a musical, but after meeting Kenwright and Hall three years ago, “found myself thinking this could be interesting and fun.“

Frank Capra’s 1946 film tells the story of George Bailey, a small-town banker wracked with regret who is shown the value of his life by a guardian angel.

Producers say they are aiming for a late 2020 launch.



If you visit Berkeley, you should know there are some words you can’t use anymore…..
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) – Officials in Berkeley, California have taken steps to make sure people use gender-neutral words.   The city has passed an ordinance to replace some common terms with those that don’t favor men.
Gone is the use of “manhole” – the city code will now refer to them as “maintenance holes.”   Same goes for “manpower;” it will be replaced with “workforce.”   
In all, more than two dozen commonly used terms are being replaced with gender-neutral forms.   The changes have
had wide support in a city that has a long history of being on the leading edge of political and socially liberal issues. But critics have suggested that the city council spend time on more important matters.

Wake Up Song of the Day:     Amazing Rhythm Aces “Third Rate Romance“.   Russell Smith dead at age 80.


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