A Wintry WSGW Wednesday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..


The National Weather Service has an Advisory for our Great Lakes Bay Region until Noon Today

Light snow mixing and changing to rain, perhaps some freezing rain.   Total accumulations from last night expected in the 3-6 inch range.

Advisories continue for most of the entire Lower Peninsula with more snow to the north and more of the mix to the south.  

A Warning continues until 7pm for counties at the Tip of the Mitten.

The Eastern half of the Upper Peninsula has Advisories until 7pm.




WSGW at Zehnder’s Snowfest

WSGW is broadcasting LIVE on this first day of Zehnder’s Snowfeset starting at 9am with Art Lewis.   Ann Williams joins Art at 10am on “Listen to the Mrs.”, and Terry Henne will have his Farm Show, too.

WSGW is a sponsor of the new “ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE RECIPE CONTEST“!   Contestants will compete today between 10 am and 4 pm for the best chocolate recipes in three categories… Cakes, Cookies and Brownies.   You can enjoy free food samples, door prizes, and complementary recipe books located inside Zehnder’s Warming Tent behind Zehnder’s Restaurant.




A New Poll for YOU…..







Charlie and Dave and Pat have reservations about the newly announced Baseball Hall of Fame inductees, plus it appears Miguel Cabrera’s personal problems may now be behind him (runs 4:47)…..




For the first time in 153 years, this Valentine’s Day candy will not be available……

(Image courtesy of Spangler Candy Company)






Stories like this lead to the question “what was this person thinking” and the obvious answer is “they weren’t”…..

ROUND LAKE PARK, Ill. (AP)  – A parent teaching a relative to drive?   That’s cool.   But if the child is just 11, it isn’t so cool.   Authorities in Round Lake Park, Illinois have issued an arrest warrant for a man who they say let an 11-year-old family member drive herself to school.   Making things worse, if that’s possible, is that the car the man let the girl drive was a stolen rental.   And to top that off, there was a 9-year-old girl in the back seat. The kids got out when the vehicle arrived at the school and the man hopped into the driver’s seat and left. Police say if the kid driver had lost control, there could have been “any number of tragic scenarios.”   The arrest warrant says 31-year-old Khafilu Oshodi faces two counts of child endangerment and one for driving with a suspended license.




Why buy your kid a $350 hat when you know it’s going to get lost…  they are middle schoolers!

GREAT NECK, N.Y. (AP)  – Lots of kids in middle school end up losing their winter hats at school.   And when that happens, it’s usually no big deal.   But if the hats cost a small fortune, it’s a big deal.   That’s what’s happening at a
middle school in Great Neck, New York, where kids have been rocking Italian-made Moncler hats.   The knit hats with fur pom-poms cost as much as $350.    School administration officials say when the hats go missing, it raises an
uproar and so, they’ve sent a letter home to parents asking them to ask students to leave their fancy lids at home. One parent was left cold by the letter, calling it “silly” and says if kids lose their hats and “freak out, they freak out.”




Wake Up Song of the Day:    Kaye Ballard “Fly Me to the Moon“.   Kaye died Monday at age 91.   Star of stage, screen, TV, with multi-talents for comedy and variety, plus she could sing.   Though Frank Sinatra’s version of this song may be best known, Kaye recorded it first in 1954.


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