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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:   A checklist of essential items you should have in your vehicle in case of an emergency (runs 9:07)…..

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Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     New Drone rules may include a digital license plate (runs 8:36)…..









Facebook threatens 81-year-old widow with a permanent ban over concerns of hate speech

Rita Rich-Mulcahy, 81, has knitted 73 of the five-inch high woollen pigs







You can Win the $1000 Gift Certificate to Use at the Business of Your Choice in the Mid-Michigan Home Improvement Contest

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Saving Sea Turtles with Mayonnaise…..

MICHMORET, Israel (AP) – Sure, it can be good on a sandwich, or even mixed into potato salad.   However, chances are you’ve never thought of mayonnaise as a healing potion.   But employees at Israel’s National Sea Turtle Rescue Center have found that when it comes to helping sea turtles, you could call mayonnaise miracle spread.

The discovery was found after an oil spill coated loads of green sea turtles with thick black tar.   Worse, the tar lined the reptiles’ innards,
including their airways.  So rescue workers aren’t holding the mayo;  instead, they’re feeding it to turtles.   The mayonnaise cleans out the turtles’ systems, breaking down the tar inside.

Workers say the process is so effective, the turtles can expect to be released back into the wild after a week’s worth of their mayo-based diet.








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Wake Up Song of the Day:   Rupert Holmes “Him“.   He is 74 today.


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