WSGW Morning Team Show: February 12, 2018

It’s the Monday WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and YOU, on this real date of the birth of President Lincoln, February 12, 1809 (don’t get confused with Presidents Day next Monday)…..
With the Olympics fully underway following a weekend of competition and the opening ceremonies last Friday, Charlie and Dave had a few early observations, including (runs 7:12)
  • The name many babies born 9 months from now will be given
  • North and South Korea and the relationship after the games
  • The first American men’s luge medal
  • Strange things to buy with the Olympic Logo
Another one of those stories of a free speech issue on a college campus from over the weekend.   Some protests, some violence, and some arrests, but who started it?   Charlie and Dave checked it out (runs – 6:14)
(charlie rood)   I saw this last Friday.   A brief teaser headline in the Detroit Free Press online:  “Can Bob Quinn fire Matt Patricia?”    I thought to myself, really?  He was just hired as the coach and there is already a news story about firing him?   I’m sure it has to do with the Patriot relationship between the two.   I didn’t bother clicking on it because I thought it was a frustrating demonstration of trying to create a story not worth the time creating (or reading).   You can check it out if you so choose.
Another musical group to have its music showcased on Broadway:
NEW YORK (AP) _ A musical based on the music of Huey Lewis and the News will be heading to Broadway. Lewis says in a video announcement the musical is an original story and not about the band. Jimmy Kimmel, who appears in the video as well, jokes he quit his job to take on the role of Lewis. Casting and run dates have not yet been announced.
It’s going to cost you more at Disney World and Disneyland:
UNDATED (AP) _ Ticket prices at Walt Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland in California are up. One-day regular park tickets at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will go up $4, to $123. At Disneyland, regular, one-day, one-park tickets will be $117; a $7 increase. Annual passes are also increasing in price. For non-Florida residents, a platinum pass went from $779 to $849. Disney also says it will extend its pre-published, date-specific pricing to multiday tickets at Walt Disney World. At Disneyland, where the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction will open in 2019, the company will retool its Annual Pass program.

WSGW now broadcasts a daily special feature “CBS Eye on Veterans”.   It’s a one minute update focusing on veterans and families, and a country that supports its veterans.   This feature is produced by veterans.


Wake Up Song of the Day:    Mr. Big “To Be With You“.   The drummer for the group, Pat Torpey, has died at age 64 from complications from Parkinson’s disease.

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