WSGW Morning Team Show: December 6, 2017

It’s already Wednesday with Charlie and Dave and YOU on the WSGW Morning Team Show…..

One week from today, Wednesday, December 13, WSGW will be asking You, our Loyal Family of Radio Listeners, to join us for the annual RadioThon to Benefit the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan.

Charlie and Dave talking about it (runs 3:15)

From 5:30am-6pm during our broadcast day, we’ll be asking you to prayerfully consider making a $30 gift which is enough to provide for a night of hope and care for a person in need of food, shelter, and clothing.   And with the Rescue Ministries, beyond that night, a chance to change their lives for the better.

The RadioThon to Benefit the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan will be presented by Tim Hortons, Euclid Industries, and Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland.   Your gifts can be made when calling the Fisher Contracting Hopeline:   989-755-HOPE (4673)

The Rescue Ministries include the City Rescue Mission in Saginaw and the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission in Bay City.  Discover more about the Rescue Ministries (this same link will allow you to make donations online, too).


Last week, as the Senate was working to pass tax legislation, we received a call from a listener wondering what would be the outcome for farmers and the agricultural community.   We received a news release from the Michigan Farm Bureau and read some of the official remarks indicating support for the legislation.   (runs 2:40)


New OnLine and App Poll…..

WSGW Weekly OnLine and App Poll: Lions Coach Jim Caldwell – Time to Fire?


In the aftermath of the firing of Matt Lauer, various media reports are recalling when Lauer was the target of a Friars Club roast in 2008.   These roasts are known for their lewd, obscene, and raunchy jokes and content.   The roast is being recalled because of some of the people that were there and apparently knew some of the roast humor was based on some truth.

Here is a link to one of the stories from Fox News.   WARNING for graphic language and content.


Why can’t businesses/companies/corporations communicate normally when issuing statements?   Delta Airlines described the incident this way:   … passengers could “disembark to find relief of built-up
pressures.”   What?   They had to go to the bathroom, okay?   Here’s the story –

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – A Delta flight from New York City to Seattle had to make a stop in Billings after the plane’s toilets stopping working and passengers couldn’t hold it any longer. The Billings Gazette reports that the direct flight diverted hundreds of miles south on Saturday to make the emergency bathroom stop. Delta says that upon landing in Billings, the plane had to taxi to a cargo area because a gate was not available. Delta says ground crews rolled a stairway to the airplane so passengers could “disembark to find relief of built-up pressures.” A flight from New York City to Seattle can take about six hours.


Remember that “Giant Tuna in the Woods” story?   This report seems to bring it to a conclusion, but we wonder, because of the size and weight of the tuna, for only one man to be involved sounds fishy to us!

GLOUCESTER, Mass. (AP) _ A Massachusetts man has pleaded not guilty to
tuna-related charges. Yes, tuna. He was accused of catching a tuna out of season and then dumping its headless 400-pound carcass in the woods. The Gloucester Daily Times reports that 40-year-old Harold Wentworth entered his plea on Monday to state charges including improper disposal of waste and expelling trash or litter from a motor vehicle. Federal fisheries regulators say they have also served him with an enforcement action for allegedly illegally harvesting tuna out of season. Authorities say they have video of Wentworth landing the blue fin tuna in in Rockport in October — days after the close of the initial fall season. It was so big that it took a tow truck to haul it out of the woods.


Wake Up Song of the Day:   You can’t have Christmas songs without Nat King Cole singing “The Christmas Song“.

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