‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the station, there are creatures stirring, getting ready for the celebration, with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU on this December 24, 2019…..



After the 7:30 news, WSGW was humbled to receive our 28th yearly visit from our friends at William A. Kibbe and Associates, Inc. in Saginaw, the engineers/architects/surveyors

The President of WAK, Greg Bator, and his family were here (from left to right) –

Charlie, Greg, Dave, Mary (wife), Kathleen (daughter), Kylie (granddaughter 19 months, Bridget (daughter), Mike (son-in-law)

Greg presented a generous check for the WSGW Food for Families Campaign to benefit the Salvation Army.

This check represents employees donations matched by the owners that Kibbe does instead of a gift for the owners.

Over the years, Kibbe and Associates has donated more than $93,000 to Food For Families!


Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:    The visit from the Bator Family on behalf of William A. Kibbe and Associates in Saginaw (runs5:30)…..






Bonnie’s Sewing Center in Bay City, Your One Stop Sewing Shop for Over 35 Years

December 9 – 24, at 8:45am on the WSGW Morning Team Show, Chip Davis of Mannheim Steamroller will count down The “12 Days of Christmas”

Then, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Chip Davis narrates Mannheim Steamroller’s “An American Christmas”.

Listen for various presentation times on both 100.5 and 790 NewsRadio WSGW and WSGW.COM

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New WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU…..







You can Track Santa with the North American Aerospace Defense Command


You can also call for Santa updates:   1-877-446-6723









Last Minute Christmas Shopping Still Available at RocketGrabPlus.Com…..




Merry Christmas…   during a live TV update, a reporter discovers she is one of the winners in Spain’s annual Christmas lottery…..

Reporter wins lottery during live TV broadcast






On this Christmas Eve, the Christmas goat still stands!   A reminder of the story…..

Longtime listeners of The WSGW Morning Team Show know we have been “goat watching” for several years.   What’s that?   We discovered this goat years ago because of a story of it burning.   We then found out the goat had burned a number of times since the goat was first erected in 1966.   We then found out there was a “goat cam”.   Well, how could we resist.   We started “Goat Watching” to see if the goat burned or survived each Christmas season.   Since we first started watching, more often than not, the goat has burned!   Click the link for more on the goat, including its Twitter feed!

 Click this link and you can “Goat Watch”, too.

(this is a stock photo)





Merry Christmas…  a helpful woman ensures a special Christmas gift makes it home





The WSGW Morning Team Show Is Sponsored by…..

Sound Asleep Sleep Diagnostic Lab

Three locations in Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland

The Only Free Standing Private Sleep Lab in the Area Owned and Operated by a Physician







Wake Up Song of the Day:     Mannheim Steamroller “Silent Night”.   We use a special edited version for time.   Here is the full version…..


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