WSGW Morning Team Show:   August 4, 2021  (Wednesday)

It’s the WSGW Wednesday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..



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IT’S WSGW WINVITATIONAL GOLF TIME! This year, the WSGW WinVitational is TWO golfing opportunities

First, You can register to play in the WinVitational Four Person Scramble presented by West Side Decorating Center at The Sawmill

Entry is $50 per person


Second, You can play in our “Closest to the Pin” contests and win a free foursome to play The Pohlcat in Mt. Pleasant on September 9

(bonus winning prize includes a free foursome in the Four Person Scramble).

THE “CLOSEST TO THE PIN” contests have concluded

Congratulations to Third and Final Winner at Twin Oaks Golf Club:   Bob Beets of Saginaw  8″ from the Pin

Congratulations to First Winner at The Sawmill:   Randy Weiss of Freeland, 6’4″ from the Pin

Congratulations to Second Winner at Spring Valley Golf Course:   Mike Girard of Saginaw, 6’6″ from the Pin


Click Here for Tickets for the Four Person Scramble










Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     An actor/comedian from Michigan to be honored by his home town (runs 2:21)…..










Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     The Chinese take their badminton play very seriously, and when they don’t win at the Olympics, especially against Taiwan, look out (runs 2:55)…..








Congratulations to the Winners of the WSGW and Michigan Sugar “Fruit Pie” Contest

It took place yesterday on Day One of the Saginaw County Fair

First Place:   Anne Bales “Sour Cream Peach Pecan Pie”  ($150 Gift Card from Star of the West Milling)

Second Place:   Linda Schmidt “Golden Apple with Caramel Sauce Pie”  ($100 Gift Card from Star of the West Milling)

Third Place:   Janice Wille “Dutch Caramel Apple Pie”  ($50 Gift Card from Star of the West Milling)

Click for Saginaw County Fair


Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and  YOU:     Pat doesn’t like pie (most of ’em) (runs 2:00)…..






Lock Your Doors in case You Encounter a Bear that’s Smarter than the Average Bear

Brazen bear opens car door in California courthouse parking lot








Now until September 10, Register for a Chance to Win $500 for YOU and $500 for Your Favorite School or Charity







Wake Up Song of the Day:    Boo Radleys “Wake Up Boo“.   Drummer Rob Cieka is 53.



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