WSGW Morning Team Show: August 3, 2017

What are Charlie and Dave up to this morning ?!?!?!?!


Some musical fun!   In 1992, rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot had a big hit song, “Baby Got Back“.   So big, it hit Number One on the Billboard Pop Chart.

That song has been covered by country singer, Joe Nichols.   He does a shorter version than Sir  Mix-A-Lot.   Joe did get Sir Mix-A-Lot to appear in the song video.

Go ahead, click on the links and compare.   How do you think Joe did?


(Charlie Rood) Earlier this week, we talked about President Trump disputing the Washington Post story suggesting the president “dictated” a letter for his son.   It turns out both sides could claim some accuracy as the White House says President Trump did “weigh in” on the letter, but did not “dictate”.

Now, you are hearing reports of President Trump and the Boy Scouts, President Trump and a Fox News Story, and President Trump and Golf Magazine.   Each of these reports being disputed by the White House.   Are the reports accurate or the White House?

It seems at least the Boy Scout situation has been resolved with both sides claiming some accuracy (sound familiar).   Stay tuned for more!


Dave encountered a word in a news story this morning that caused us to head to the dictionary.   When was the last time you saw, heard, or used the word:   sangfroid


The Dreamland Wax Museum in Boston features a likeness of Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.   By all accounts, even the museum itself, it’s not a very good likeness.   The museum says it’s not good because it was based on a photo instead of actual measurements of Brady.   If the museum knew that it wasn’t a good likeness, why release it?   Maybe for the attention?   Click to judge for yourself.


What would you do with $750 Billion in the bank?   The country of Switzerland has the money and wondering what to do.   Interesting story on how the money was amassed and why it simply sits in the bank.   There is a great last line in this story regarding money and politicians (it will sound familiar).


Brand New RocketGrab Launch!   The “Hole in One” Golf Book giving you access to 50-90% reduced pricing on golf at over 100 courses.   Value is $100, but on RocketGrab, just $40!


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga “The Lady is a Tramp“.   Tony is 91 today.   What song do you choose?   I thought we would use the last song every charted in the United States by Tony.   It was this song in 2011 (charted #121).


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