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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:   How was your weekend? Charlie reports he had a weekend like a lost of people have, such as dealing with a skunk smell, moving family, cleaning the garage, fishing, and trail riding (runs 5:51)…..



Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:   Another esports report, with a championship played in Detroit over the weekend, and proof that esports is legit since now illegal activity is involved (runs 5:43)…..




Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     Former Red Wings star, Darren McCarty, involved as an investor in a Pinconning based cannabis company (runs 5:26)…..

Link to Detroit Free Press regarding the story




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On the WSGW Friday Morning Team Show, we had a story concerning Hall-of-Fame Quarterback, John Elway, and his dealing with Dupuytren’s disease. We received a Facebook message from a doctor who enlightened us more…..

I was listening to the morning show just now and Charlie was talking about John Elway and Dupuytren’s disease. I am a plastic and hand surgeon in Saginaw that routinely takes care of this problem. The injection he was taking about is called Xiaflex. I have been using it for at least 5 years. It is not experimental at all and is covered by most insurances. There are not many hand surgeons that do the injections possibly related to the risk involved and the cost. However, like I said it is typically covered by insurance and in the hands of an experienced provider, the results are excellent. I have scores of happy patients that have avoided surgery. It isn’t for everybody but it has revolutionized the management of this problem in my opinion. If anyone is interested in learning more about this product google XIAFLEX or you can contact me at my office. My name is Ronald C Barry, MD and I have a plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery practice here in Saginaw.

There will be baseball in Tupper Lake, New York, next summer, but it won’t be “River Pigs” baseball…..

TUPPER LAKE, N.Y. (AP) _ A new semi-pro baseball team in the Adirondacks in New York state is rooting around for a new nickname. Some residents grunted at “River Pigs.“

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise reports that a Tupper Lake Village Board Trustee posted on Facebook Thursday night that the name of the new Empire League team will be changed.

The name River Pigs was chosen to reflect the region’s logging history. River pigs were skilled loggers who broke up logjams on rivers.

But when the team was announced in late July, some Tupper Lake residents found the name “Pigs“ sounded demeaning. The Fire Chief says the village baseball committee will discuss other options.

The team is to arrive in Tupper Lake next summer.




Wake Up Song of the Day: Eddie Money “Take Me Home Tonight“. Eddie just announced he’s been diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer.


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