WSGW Morning Team Show: August 23, 2017

Here we are on a Wednesday with Charlie and Dave and YOU…..

To follow up on our show from yesterday, the Dave Maurer 50th Anniversary Show, we want to extend a big “THANK YOU” for all those that sent messages and posted messages and visited our Morning Team Page and Facebook.   You can still do that by clicking here for Facebook and here for Morning Team.

Dave was a scheduled guest on the Art Lewis Show yesterday.   The show was shortened due to a power outage and generator failure.   We have Dave rescheduled on Art’s show next Tuesday, August 29.

One of the funniest comments related to Dave’s 50th came on Terry Henne’s Farm Show with Jerry Somalski from Bay Landscaping:


A new WSGW OnLine and App Poll introduced.   You can hear Charlie and Dave talk about it:

WSGW OnLine and App Poll: Football Predictions


(Charlie Rood)   At the President Trump rally in Phoenix last night, you are hearing and seeing headlines of police using pepper spray and stun grenades to disperse anti-Trump crowds.  That’s the headlines.   The question of why police used those tactics needs to be answered.   The answer is because crowds became “combustible” (as described in this USA Today story).   The question of who started the problems needs to be answered.   That’s not an easy one.   In most stories you hear nothing.   At least in this story, there is a reference of the anti-Trump demonstrators starting to throw rocks and bottles (though one witness says they saw no provocation).   You would think “who started it” would be an easy question to answer.

ALSO, does ESPN need to be renamed ESPC?   Have you heard how football announcer Robert Lee has been reassigned from calling the Virginia game.   ESPN says “it’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play by play for a football game has become an issue”.   It wasn’t an issue until you made it one, ESPC!

Charlie and Dave talk about these two items:


Here’s a funny story from the Associated Press during Monday’s eclipse:

Authorities in Florida say an auto theft suspect who wanted to watch the moon blot out the sun instead has a blot on his record. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook page that Jocsan Rosado was arrested Monday after he parked what deputies say was a stolen car to watch the eclipse. Deputies say unbeknownst to him, they were following him. They say he stopped at a hardware store to buy a welding mask for watching the eclipse safely. They say when they arrested him he was right next to the stolen car, wearing the welding mask and looking up at the sky.


If you are traveling in Arkansas these days, you might want to have a table setting with you!


Wake Up Song of the Day:  Sonny Burgess “We Wanna Boogie“.   Sonny died recently at age 88.   He never had any chart hits, but his live shows were legendary.  It’s been said bands were reluctant to follow Burgess onstage because his performances were so wild.

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