WSGW Morning Team Show: August 18, 2017

Friday, with Charlie and Dave and You…..

THIS IS THE FINAL DAY of the WSGW and Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan Summer Relief “Matching Gift Challenge”.   Thank You to all who have made this effort a success!

The Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan (City Rescue Mission in Saginaw and Good Samaritan Rescue Mission of Bay City) $30,000 Summer Match “Matching Gift Challenge” goes on through today August 18!

A group of compassionate friends of the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan, including Labadie Auto Company, John E. Green, and other anonymous donors, will match up to $30,000 in gifts You make to the Rescue Ministries.

Your generosity will help men, women, children – families – with food, shelter, clothing, and life changing help at the Rescue Ministries.

To offer a gift, visit the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan online and click “Summer Match”.

You can also call 989-752-6051, ext. 124

You can mail a gift: Matching Gift Campaign, PO Box 548, Saginaw, Michigan 48606


(Charlie Rood)   Why was I not here on Thursday?   I had a “Father-Son Event”.   No, not me as the Father, but me as the Son.   I was with my 90-year-old father in his hometown of Mt. Clemens to attend a men’s club gathering.   It’s called “The Old Crowd” and it started back in 1880.    Dad needs help getting around so I was happy to take him.   At the event, he was recognized as the longest attending member, starting back in 1954, now 63 straight years!


(Charlie Rood)  Is the ACLU now the “OCACLU” (Only Certain American Civil Liberties Union)?   The ACLU has announced a new policy and will not represent hate groups who demonstrate with firearms.   Click here for more on my thoughts.


Aretha says she plans to close out her career where it began, in her beloved hometown of Detroit.   She even says in doing a small nightclub downtown.


Another advancement in 3-D printing:

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) _ Spacewalking cosmonauts have set free the world’s first satellite made almost entirely with a 3-D printer. In total the Russians
ended up releasing five nanosatellites by hand. One by one, the tiny craft _ no more than 1 to 2 feet in size _ tumbled safely away from the International Space
Station. The exterior casing of the first one tossed overboard was made with a 3-D printer. So were the battery packs inside. Researchers want to see how
3-D-made parts weather the space environment. It contains regular electronics.   It also holds greetings to planet Earth in a variety of languages, courtesy of
students at Siberia’s Tomsk Polytechnic University, where the satellite was made. The other satellites deployed Thursday have traditional spacecraft parts.


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Sean Kingston “Beautiful Girls“.   Friday Flashback song, when you “flashback” ten-year decade increments to find Number One Songs at that time, songs that are still remembered today or long forgotten, the same for the groups and artists that perform.   This song was Number One for four weeks just ten years ago in 2007.

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