WSGW Morning Team Show:   August 17, 2020  (Monday)

It’s the WSGW Monday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..







TOMORROW is the Last “Closest to the Pin” Contest to Win Your Invitation to the WSGW Golf Outing at the Pohlcat in Mt. Pleasant!

Your Deadline to Enter the WSGW Scramble is August 23…  this Sunday!



Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     From over the weekend, the news of “Firenado” and a pepperoni shortage (runs 7:05)…..




New Guinness Book of World Records Set for Most 100 Pound Bench Presses while Underwater

Russian athlete breaks Guinness record for underwater bench press






A stash of snacks found after more than 30 years…..

30-year-old stash of beer and gum found in library's mystery section







Russell Kirsch is dead and here is a note on him important place in technological history…..

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) – Russell Kirsch, a computer scientist credited with inventing the pixel and scanning the world’s first digital photograph, died August 11 at his home in Portland, Oregon.   The Oregonian reports he was 91.

In 1957, Kirsch created a small, 2-by-2-inch black-and-white digital image of his son, Walden, as an infant.   This was among the first images ever scanned into a computer.   A 2010 Wired magazine article about Kirsch said his work “laid the foundations for satellite imagery, CT scans, virtual reality and Facebook.”   

Kirsch was born in Manhattan in 1929, and was the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia and Hungary.








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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Dexys Midnight Runners “Come on Eileen“.   Kevin Rowland is 67.



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