WSGW Morning Team Show: August 14, 2017

On a Monday with Charlie and Dave and YOU…

(Charlie Rood)   Confession time.   I may be guilty of child abuse.   Why?   Because I’m allowing my 12-year-old son to play youth football.  Child abuse?

Well, according to Bennet Omalu, who first identified brain disease associated with football, he says letting youngsters play football is akin to child abuse.   He says no one under 18 should play football.   He made comments last week at the New York Press Club.   His memoir “Truth Doesn’t Have a Side” was just released.   His life was dramatized in the movie, “Concussion”.

What do you think?

Here is what Charlie and Dave, plus Art Lewis, had to say about it on The WSGW Morning Team Show:


TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A sculpture showing a hand making the OK sign in New Jersey is being relocated because some people fear it too closely resembles a gang symbol.

The sculpture is titled “Helping Hands.”   Children ages 12 to 15 created it at a summer camp.

(Charlie Rood)   You can click the link to read more and see the sculpture.   Hmmm, don’t rid the community of the gangs, get rid of the positive symbol!


“The Eclipse” is one week from today, August 21.   Amtrak is planning an “eclipse train”.   Tickets?   Unavailable as it sold out in a day.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) _ For the first time ever, Elvis Presley fans will have to pay in order to pay their respects. Graceland will only allow people who bought tickets to one of the Elvis Week packages to have access to the annual candlelight vigil past his grave. Graceland officials say because it’s the 40th
anniversary of Presley’s death, the estate is expecting bigger-than-normal crowds. The cheapest way is a one-day ticket to Graceland for $28.75. Graceland officials say those who don’t have a pass cannot participate in the vigil but they’re welcomed to stand in front of the mansion and watch. The vigil starts
Tuesday night and likely will go into Wednesday morning.


REMINDER:   This is the start to the second and final week of the WSGW and Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan Summer Relief “Matching Gift Challenge”.   Thank You to all who have participated so far and are considering participating before the campaign ends.

The Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan (City Rescue Mission in Saginaw and Good Samaritan Rescue Mission of Bay City) $25,000 Summer Match “Matching Gift Challenge” goes on through August 18!

A group of compassionate friends of the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan, including Labadie Auto Company, John E. Green, and other anonymous donors, will match up to $25,000 in gifts You make to the Rescue Ministries.

Your generosity will help men, women, children – families – with food, shelter, clothing, and life changing help at the Rescue Ministries.

To offer a gift, visit the Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan online and click “Summer Match”.

You can also call 989-752-6051, ext. 124

You can mail a gift: Matching Gift Campaign, PO Box 548, Saginaw, Michigan 48606


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers “Jubilation Day“.   Steve is 72.   A multi-talented comedian, actor, musician, this features Steve playing his banjo with the Steep Canyon Rangers, as well as providing a little vocalization.   Check out the group covering Steve’s famous “King Tut“.

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