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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:    Major League Baseball is stupid, dumb, idiotic…  why?   (runs 5:21)…..
Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Lil Nas X “Old Town Road” continues an amazing record run (runs 5:08)…..



Church or Golf?   How about both?

The course is the latest move by the Church of England to stem dwindling congregations in an increasingly secular Britain. (AFP Photo/Ben STANSALL)



Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     A 14-year-old boy is youngest to sign a professional soccer contract (runs 2:05)…..
German police get an assist…..
BERLIN (AP) – A fugitive in Germany has been nabbed thanks to the help of angry wasps.  
Oldenburg police said the unusual sting operation took place Monday after officers tried to arrest a 32-year-old man to serve an outstanding 11-month custodial sentence.   The suspect, whose name wasn’t released, fled from police and jumped from a balcony straight into a wasps’ nest.   The irate insects attacked the man, prompting him to run onto the street.   
Officers tried to apprehend him there, only to be attacked by wasps themselves.   The suspect managed to break free but with wasps in hot pursuit chose to jump into an inflatable pool, where he was arrested.



Rescue Ministries of Mid-Michigan “Summer Matching Gift Challenge”

A group of compassionate friends have offered a Matching Challenge gift of $32,000!

This will provide emergency food, shelter and life-changing help for Mid-Michigan’s neediest men, women and children this summer.

With Your support, an additional 2,100 nights of safe emergency shelter to homeless men, women and children in our area will be provided.

Donate online at the link above, or call:   989-752-6051


Wake Up Song of the Day:     Andy Griggs “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely“.   Andy is 46.   This is his debut single that hit #2 on the Country Chart and #28 on the Pop Chart.

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