WSGW Morning Team Show: August 1, 2017

Charlie and Dave on the first day of August…..

Anthony Scaramucci is NOT dead (even though Harvard thought so)

(Charlie Rood)  Speaking of Scaramucci, did I hear one of the reasons he was dismissed as White House communications director was because President Trump thought his recent “off-color remarks”to the New Yorker were “inappropriate”?!?!   I thought that made him qualified to work for President Trump!


It’s Day One of the Saginaw County Fair!   WSGW 790am (also online and app) will broadcast live with Art Lewis at 9am, joined by Ann Williams at 10am on Listen to the Mrs. for the Creative Cupcake Challenge (click for contestants and names of cupcakes they’ll create), plus Terry Henne with his Farm Show!


Is this the first coin ever minuted in the United States of America (check out this link)?   Or, here is another link on the story.


(Charlie Rood)   I was asked about the Tigers not trading Justin Verlander.   I was not surprised, simply because of the size of his contract.   As a fan, I was happy he was not traded.   I think Justin has several productive years left in his career and I would love his entire career to be with the Tigers.   We’ve followed Justin since he threw his first major league pitch in 2005.   All with the Tigers.

I remember when I first became aware of the Tigers.   I fondly recall Kaline, Cash, Stanley, Freehan, Horton, Northrup, Lolich, and more.   Players that were on the team year after year after year.   This was before free agency.   This was before the “business of baseball” became as important as the “talent for baseball”.   The game has changed.  I get that.   For the Tigers, there will never be another pairing of Trammell and Whitaker (probably for all of baseball).   If he stays with the team until he’s done, will we one day say, there will never be another Justin Verlander?


Just another example of a story where you have two different sides.   You would think there should be a  way to definitely say who is right and who is wrong.   The Washington Post says President Trump personally dictated a statement from his son in a response to a New York Times story about Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer.   The response from the  White House says the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement and did not issue the statement.   Which is right and which is wrong?


Wake Up Song of the Day:   D.L. Menard “The Back Door“.   He was 85 when he died last Thursday.   He was known as an ambassador for Cajun music.   He visited 38 countries on State Department tours as a goodwill ambassador for Cajun culture.

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