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It’s Saginaw Spirit Playoff Hockey Time

Round Two vs SSM Greyhounds Starts Friday at TheDow

Picture is Rick Riffel, Director of Sales and Marketing


After the 6:30 and 7:30 news, Charlie and Dave and Pat checked in with Art Lewis, based at Tim Hortons on State Street in Saginaw Township, along with Saginaw Spirit representatives to talk Spirit Playoff Ticket opportunities…..

6:30 check-in runs 5:36

7:30 check-in runs 5:52

Tickets:    Saginaw Spirit




After the 8:30 news, Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art are intrigued by the potential manufacture of living human organs with a 3D printer (runs 5:26)…..

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From the police based movie “The Naked City” in 1948…..   “There are eight million stories in the naked city”…..  and this is one of them!

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — There’s no escape from the long arm of the law in Sweden. Not even sitting naked in a sauna.

Police spokewoman Carina Skagerlind says an off-duty police officer found himself sitting in the same sauna in Rinkeby, a Stockholm suburb, as a fugitive who had dodged a jail sentence for aggravated assault, among other offenses.

Skagerlind says after recognizing each other, “the naked police officer calmly told the man that he should consider himself arrested.”

She said Tuesday the officer called colleagues to pick up the fugitive, adding “the arrest was undramatic and the wanted man didn’t try to flee.”

The officer was praised for the March 29 arrest and police warned fugitives on Facebook: “We are everywhere. Even if you do not see us, we are there.”




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Wake Up Song of the Day:   Billy Adams “Rock, Pretty Mama“.   Rockabilly Pioneer Billy Adams passed away over the weekend at age 79.

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