WSGW Morning Team Show:     April 16, 2020   (Thursday)

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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Regarding the protesting in Lansing yesterday, we have two different opinions on what happened, plus the disagreement over how the event was funded (runs 7:57)…..

Link to Shawn Windsor in the Detroit Free Press

Link to Nolan Finley in the Detroit News







Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     A few communities in the Metro Detroit are refusing to enforce the governor’s prohibition on commercial lawn service (runs 5:05)…..

Link to Detroit News story referenced








Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and YOU:     Stimulus checks are going out, and in some cases, going out to dead people, plus one state is giving money to illegal immigrants (runs 7:00)…..

Here is the link to the IRS “Get My Payment” referenced


Here is a portion of the story relating to dead people receiving checks and whether or not those checks can be kept or have to be returned (this is one opinion)…..

Twitter user, Karrie Higgins, said her mother received a $2,400 deposit and assumed that was because her father died.

“Does anyone know how this will be handled?” Higgins asked.”Seems like they will want $1200 back.”

But Higgins’ mother can actually keep the check, according to Nina Olson, the founder of the Center for Taxpayer Rights and former taxpayer advocate for the IRS.

Olson told USA TODAY that because the payments are based on taxpayers’ 2019 returns, or 2018 if they have not filed yet, people whose spouses died in those years would be eligible for a payment. And Olson said that under the CARES Act – the massive $2.2-trillion stimulus plan that authorized the payments – a person who gets more than they have been entitled to cannot have their credit reduced”below zero” when they file their 2020 return. In other words, they would not have to repay the $1,200 when they filed in 2020.

“That was really consciously written into the law,” Olson said.”It’s rough justice. They’re using the data that’s available to get money into the system. They know in advance that some payments will go out that shouldn’t go out.”

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s office said it is looking into the matter.






Maryland Police Reminding Residents to Wear Pants







You Might Think Twice Before Recycling Your Sword







Why it could be loud around 3pm this afternoon…..

(AP) Train crews across the U.S. will sound their engines’ horns to honor the transportation employees who are considered essential workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Amtrak train crews along with crews of regional partner trains across the U.S. plan to give two blasts of their horns Thursday afternoon in a salute to transportation workers, as well as health care workers, first-responders, child care workers, grocery store employees and other workers providing essential services during the pandemic.

Amtrak Chief Operating and Commercial Officer Stephen Gardner says the workers should be “thanked for their courage, selflessness and the help they are providing to this country during this time.”












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