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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Thanks to a listener tip, we congratulate Northwood University and its ESports Team  (runs 3:23)…..


Northwood on March 31 won the Collegiate Rocket League North American Championship with a 4-3 win over Columbia College in the grand finals.

Photo:   Northwood University








Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:    History repeating?   From the 1983 Baseball Pine Tar incident involving George Brett from 1983, we now have a college game from last weekend (runs 3:02)…

Link to the College “Pine Tar” Game last Weekend (the George Brett video is included in this link)







Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Brand new today in Saginaw Township, “I Heart Mac and Cheese”, celebrating a grand opening (runs 5:06)…..

Click for Link to I Heart Mac and Cheese










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April 12 (UPI) — A driver in Florida captured video of the moment a large alligator missing a front foot walked across the road, bringing traffic to a temporary halt.

Daniel Kaufman said he was driving on Jacaranda Boulevard in Venice when he spotted the large gator dashing into the road and stopped to take video.

“We got a straight hog. Look at this beast. It’s like a 10-footer,” Kaufman says in the video.

The video shows traffic stop for the alligator, which was missing its right front foot, as it makes its way across the road, and directly toward Kaufman’s vehicle.

“He’s going under my truck. It’s official. He is under my truck,” Kaufman says in the footage.

Kaufman said he could feel his truck shift as the massive reptile moved underneath it. He said the gator emerged from the other side of the truck and made it to the opposite side of the road.





















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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Bill Conti “Rocky Theme“.   He is 80 today.




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