WSGW Morning Team:   January 6, 2023  (Friday)

It’s the WSGW Friday Morning Team with YOU and Charlie and Denyse and Pat…..




Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:   The CES show features electric inline skates, customized 3-D gummies, technology for your dog to talk to you, and air scrubbing houseplants  (runs 8:56)…..








Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     From the TSA, Top Ten weirdest things agents found at airport security last year (runs 9:11)








Weekend Events and Activities   (runs 5:51)…..







Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     Louisiana has a new porn law designed to protect children, but of course since lawmakers are involved, there are amusing aspects to the law  (runs







Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     The “Asteroid Launcher” app is probably an app you don’t need, but we check it out for you, just in case   (runs 3:41)…..






Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     A legendary Motown Group to get a Lifetime Achievement Award  (runs 2:52)…..






A “Bar-Tailed Godwit” breaks record for longest non-stop migration by a bird, flying 8435 miles…..


split image of a bar tailed godwit







New Rocket Grab Plus Launch for YOU…..






New WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU!   What will You do regarding the new tolls for the Liberty Bridge starting in a few months?

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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Hall and Oates “Maneater“.   It’s the Friday Flashback Song!   We “Flash Back” in 10-20-30-40-50 year increments to find Number One Songs at this time that are still remembered today, along with the artists and groups that perform.   Or, Number One Songs that are long forgotten, along with the artists and groups that perform.   On this date, 40 years ago in 1983, Hall and Oates were #1 for 4 weeks, the final two weeks of 1982 and the first two weeks of 1983.


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