WSGW Morning Team:   February 20, 2023  (Monday)

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Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     This is Presidents Day, or is it?!?!   (runs 9:44)…..










This week with Your WSGW Morning Team

You can win a pair of tickets to see James Taylor and His All-Star Band

Friday, June 23, 8pm  (Outdoor Concert)

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An Evening with James Taylor & His All-Star Band









Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     “One Hit Wonder” Monday Fun with Marshall Crenshaw  (runs 3:50)…..








Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     How about this legendary duo singing a legendary song as a duet  (runs 2:37)…..







Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     Hey Pistons!   Keep this young man in mind for the future as he drains four straight shots to win $10,000, with an amazing story of overcoming adversity  (runs 3:30)…..

Video of 7th Grader Winning $10,000










Charlie and Denyse and Pat and YOU:     You make the call!   What do You think about this sneaky assist by a coach in a youth basketball game  (runs 3:30)…..

Click for Link to Video from The Comeback

IMAGE:   The Comeback

Girls Basketball








16 Hours on a Plane to Nowhere






February  17 (UPI) — The bus operator in a British city shared a photo of a swan utilizing public transit by taking a ride atop a city bus.

Reading Buses tweeted a photo showing the swan riding on one of the operator’s buses in Reading, Berkshire.

“Flying is so overrated these days,” Reading Buses quipped on Twitter. “And with £2 [$2.41] single fares on all our buses, even swans know that bus is best! Don’t be a silly goose — duck into one of our buses today!”

The operator said in a follow-up tweet that wildlife charity Swan Lifeline was contacted and collected the swan to be taken in for a veterinary check-up and observation.

“Thanks to everyone who helped assist with our unexpected passenger today,” Reading Buses tweeted.


IMAGE:   Reading Buses

A swan sits on top of a bus







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New WSGW OnLine Poll for YOU…..







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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Marshall Crenshaw “Someday, Someway“.   It’s a “One Hit Wonder Monday” song!   For our purposes, defined as a singer or group known for only one song to chart on the U.S. Billboard Top 40.   Or, even if a second song is on the chart, it is overwhelmed and generally forgotten because of the success of the “One Hit Wonder”.   In 1982, Detroit born Marshall Crenshaw hit #36 on the Billboard Chart with this song.




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