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Charlie and Mike and YOU:     As colleges and universities are back in session here are five “Crazy College Courses” offered at various institutions  (runs 7:46)…..









   Would you pay extra for adult only seating on an airplane?!?!

PHOTO:     New York Post

Corendon Airlines offering an adults-only section — for as much as $109






Charlie and Mike and YOU:     IHOP plans to use AI to help you with your online ordering  (runs 3:33)…..






Giant inflatable ducks make a mysterious return to Maine harbor





Hyenas Save Mate from Lion

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A clan of hyenas all came together to save a clan mate from the jaws of a massive lion.

This show of strong family bonds was captured on camera by Maddie Lowe while on safari with Margot Lowe and guide Witness Mathebule also known as De Beer. They shared their footage and story with on Tuesday.

Margot and Maddie Lowe, from Australia, were on their second day of safari at Arathusa Safari Lodge in South Africa, when they had returned to a sighting of a kill made by lions the previous day. However today there were no lions around but instead a clan of hyenas feeding on the remains.

Suddenly, there was a change in the atmosphere as some of the hyenas stopped feeding and became very weary. The group could sense that something was about to go down! But what? No one knew.Then, out of nowhere, a huge e lion came charging in. The hyenas scattered in every direction and squealed with displeasure.

Luckily for those hyenas who sensed the danger, their getaway was easy. The others who were too busy eating just managed to escape by mere inches.

However, one unlucky hyena was just not fast enough and was caught! The lion and hyena went tumbling in a full summersault. The lion’s powerful jaws closed around the hyena’s head in a deadly grip. The situation appeared dire for the hyena until something remarkable happened. Its clan rushed to its aid, demonstrating the close bonds that exist among these animals.





CBS to Air “Bob Barker Tribute”







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Wake Up Song of the Day:     Whitesnake “Here I Go Again“.   Bernie Marsden passed away recently at age 72.   He co-wrote this song.   This is the original version when he was still with the band, not the more familiar version redone after he had left.



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