WSGW Morning Team:   August 14, 2023  (Monday)

It’s the WSGW Monday Morning Team with YOU and Charlie and Mike  (off today and Jonathan Dent in) –  presented  by Paint Bull in Saginaw…..



You can follow the Great Lakes Loons all Season Long with WSGW!   Listen for Charlie talking with Eric Vandefifer every Tuesday morning for updates and information on Loons Baseball!   Eric talks with Charlie on Monday this week!   (runs 10:07)…..

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Charlie and Jonathan and YOU:     Lions fans upset over tornado coverage  (runs 2:57)…..








Charlie and Jonathan and YOU:     In a follow up from a story last Friday about “liquid trees”, this device is installed at Pittsburgh International Airport  (runs 4:48)…..

PHOTO:   AlgenAir











Charlie and Jonathan and YOU:     Have you ever faced a charge such as this when you have traveled?!?!   (runs 4:34)…..







Great Dane on a Plane


Great Dane sits on 2 plane seats








Summer Relief Matching Gift Campaign

A group of compassionate friends have offered a Matching Challenge gift of $72,000 to provide emergency food, shelter and life-changing help for Mid-Michigan’s neediest men, women and children this summer.

With Your support, Rescue Ministries can continue to provide safe emergency shelter to homeless men, women and children in the area.

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The WSGW Morning Team with YOU and Charlie and Michael sponsored by

Paint Bull

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Paint Bull has been serving the Great Lakes Bay Region for over 30 years and is excited to continue to build on service offerings to all valued customers!

While Paint Bull continues to provide quality repairs on minor automotive damage at affordable prices, you can now enjoy services such as detailing, paint protection, film installation, and the latest graphene coating applications!

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Paint Bull, on Bay Road, north of Shattuck, Saginaw





Wake Up Song of the Day:     The Surfaris “Wipeout“.   It’s a “One Hit Wonder Monday” song!   For our purposes, defined as a singer or group known for only one song to chart on the U.S. Billboard Top 40.   Or, even if a second song is on the chart, it is overwhelmed and generally forgotten because of the success of the “One Hit Wonder”.  In 1963, this group of four high school teenagers in the age range of 16 and 17, hit #2 on the charts with this instrumental.   It was kept out of the top spot by Little Stevie Wonder’s “Fingertips Pt. 2”.   The song features the famous drumming of Ron Wilson with the solo work being a sped up version of this Charter Oak High School marching band’s drum cadence.   When TV personality Morton Downey, Jr. died in 2001, his website incorrectly credited him as the composer of the song.   Downey’s website now claims he played a major role in production of the song.




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