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Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Monday is Presidents Day, and then it’s Fat Tuesday, and what about yesterday being Fat Thursday (runs 8:45)…..










Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     Governor Whitmer and her statement about bridges in the state of Michigan that seemed very dire (runs 4:52)…..










Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     An update on a food shortage of a very specific product that is coming to an end (runs 4:09)…..








Weekend Events and Activities (runs 5:10)…..








Legendary Musician is Dead…..

NEW YORK (AP) – Jazz pianist Chick Corea has died of a rare form of cancer that was only recently discovered, according to his website.   Corea died Tuesday at the age of 79.

Corea’s style combined jazz, Latin jazz, classical, standards and his own originals.   He won 23 Grammys, and he’s nominated for two more at next month’s Grammys.

He got his start releasing solo albums and being a sideman before joining Miles Davis’ group in 1968.    He put out dozens of albums, including “Plays,” which came out last year.   Corea left a message for his fans, saying he hopes anyone who is considering playing, writing or performing, should do so.   He said it’s not only because the world needs more artists, but “it’s also just a lot of fun.”








OOPS!   A Congressman Appears Upside-Down during a Committee Meeting in Washington D.C.

Congressman struggles with Zoom filter in committee meeting









A New RocketGrabPlus Launch for YOU…..









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Wake Up Song of the Day:     C&C Music Factory “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)“.   It’s the Friday Flashback Song!   We “Flash Back” in 10-20-30-40-50 year increments to find Number One Songs at this time that are still remembered today, along with the artists and groups that perform.   Or, Number One Songs that are long forgotten, along with the artists and groups that perform.   On this date, 30 years ago in 1991, C&C Music Factory was Number One for Two Weeks!



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