The mother of a suspect charged in the death of a Birch Run man last fall is now facing charges herself.

Five people are accused of murder in the death of 65-year-old Scott Engelhardt, who was wheelchair bound: Faith Lord, Jordan Harrison, Jorden Schmitzer, Kyle Bostic and Nolan Croton. Prosecutors say the suspects broke into Engelhardt’s home October 15 to stage a robbery and ended up shooting him, then setting his house on fire. Forensic evidence shows Engelhardt’s lungs were filled with smoke, suggesting he was still alive after being shot.

First-degree arson charges have been imposed on Lord’s mother, 58-year-old Patricia Lord of Clio. Prosecutors say the suspects returned to her home after shooting Engelhardt, and she directed them to start the fire in order to destroy the evidence. She is also suspected of disposing of the murder weapon.

Patricia Lord is currently in jail without bond.