Wintry Weather Helps Prolong Frozen Artwork at Snowfest ’22

It’s back, and with the recent sub-zero weather, you should be able to catch the icy works of art at Snowfest all weekend long.

While everyone was hoping for a white Christmas, mother nature decided to hold the cold and snow until the Frankenmuth based event kicked off earlier this week.

Some visitors Thursday Morning were wondering where the ice sculptures were. No worries, they’re here. Just working on final touches since the cold is helping preserve finer details. (Photo- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

The cold weather, according to a number of artists, will help keep the details on their work visible and in one piece for sightseers looking to enjoy the ice and snow sculptures through the weekend.

Those same artists praising the cold have traveled across the country have been working non-stop and will keep grinding, chipping, and sawing away at their blocks of snow or ice through 10am Saturday- when sculpture judging begins and visitors can take in the wintry Frankenmuth scenery.

Some snow sculptures are still a work in progress as of Thursday (photo- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

Nick Bovid, joined by his brothers who traveled from Kalamazoo and the Columbus, Ohio area, say they’ve been competing during Snowfest for several years now, and have been faring pretty well both with the weather and their results.

Bovid says with recent works including a towering snowy GameBoy, a giant scorpion eating a bug, Santa Claus hugging a polar bear, and, this year’s entry, a stork delivering a baby to an expecting father, the group stands a fair chance at taking home one of the top prizes.

The key to staying warm while working on frozen art, according to Bovid, is to stay hydrated and stay moving.

Not all ice sculptures are just for looks, some are meant to be enjoyed! (photo- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

While work on the art stops Saturday morning; John Shelton, Zehnder’s Vice President of sales and marketing, says the fun at the 31st annual rendition of Snowfest runs through the weekend- which is good for local business.

Shelton says so far business has doubled, and visitors who braved the cold  are on pace to make Saturday one of the top-5 revenue days of the year for the restaurant.

A look at this year’s Snowfest branded circus-themed apparel (photo- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

Events still to come (Outside of the sculpture competition) include live music and entertainment inside the warming tent just behind Zehnder’s, and the Saturday night fireworks show

Make sure to find ALL of this year’s Snow sculptures. Many this year are behind Zehnder’s or near the Bavarian Inn restaurant. In years past, younger artists have been put on display near the rear parking lot of the River Place Shops (Photo- Ric Antonio; WSGW)