When Will The GOP Put Country Over Party?

Listen to this week’s “Pat Political Point” with First Day’s Pat Johnston. Today, Pat wonders what it will take for conservatives to wake-up with the rest of the nation, and realize that Donald Trump is plain dangerous.


I saw this tweet on Saturday, and it summed up my feelings:

What a week it has been.

It’s a week that has exposed our new President of the United to be, if I may quote Rocky Balboa, “mentally irregular.”

It’s a week that’s also exposed the Republican Party that puts politics over country.

It’s a week in which the country witnessed the attorney general announce a return of the failing and budget draining War On Drugs! The Trump administration is completely off the rails that it believes returning to longer incarceration for low-end drug crimes is the best way to spend our resources.

That’s insanity!

But the redux of the drug war is just par for the course with the insanity of this past week.

Of course, I’m talking about President Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Instead rehashing everything that happened regarding that firing, I’d like to do something different this morning. It’s a thought exercise.

Let’s play a little game, shall we?

I’m going to paraphrase some recent headlines, but instead of Donald Trump, I’m going to insert the name “Hugo Chavez,” the former Venezuelan President.

-As criticism keeps growing over his firing of Venezuela’s law enforcement agency director, President (Hugo Chavez) is threatening to end daily press briefings. Prior to his firing, the former director indicated his agency was investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Chavez presidential campaign.

-President (Hugo Chavez) warned former Director of Venezuela’s law enforcement agency that tapes of their conversations could suddenly pop-up if the former law enforcement director dares to leak information to the press.

-President Chavez demanded Venezuela’s former law enforcement director to pledge his loyalty to Chavez.

-President Chavez asked Venezuela’s former law enforcement director if he was under investigation.

-President Chavez says an investigation into his campaign’s possible collusion with a foreign entity is a nothing-burger, and has thereby fired the director of Venezuela’s law enforcement agency. The former director announced recently that his agency was in the middle of such an investigation.

-President Chavez fired the the deputy attorney general today, as she was investigating possible collusion between Chavez’s top national security adviser and Russia. Chavez said he fired the attorney general for not implementing a travel ban Chavez instituted–a ban which has been been overturned in Venezuelan courts.

-President Chavez fired a Venezuelan federal attorney, who was conducting several investigations, including an investigation into Chavez’s favorite cable news network!

-President Chavez only vacations at resorts, hotels, or golf clubs he owns, so to enhance his own bottom line.

-President Chavez hired his inexperienced daughter and son-in-law to be in-charge of several foreign and domestic policy initiatives.

So, what would be your immediate reaction if you read those stories about Hugo Chavez? You’d give them credibility, right?

Why don’t you give those stories the same credibility when you insert the name, “Trump”?

You know, I heard conservatives pontificate during the past eight years (when a Democratic president resided in the White House) that we don’t teach our children how to take responsibility for their actions. I heard how they just kids just didn’t appreciate hard work, anymore.

So then, the answer to all of this was Donald Trump?

We voted for a guy who is the epitome of the Baby Boomer class that George Carlin derided some 20 years ago.

Trump was born into wealth. He was given everything. And he didn’t have to work for anything.

Even when he failed, Donald had his father to bail him out.

And Daddy was there to bailout Donnie from having to go to Vietnam.

Five times.

And Trump still has the gall to attack a U.S. Senator who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and a U.S. Senator who, while he served in the military, lied when he said he was sent overseas to Vietnam.

How can Trump, who received FIVE DEFERMENTS, attack anyone’s service, or non-service, in that foreign policy disaster? Why didn’t Mr. Tough Guy suit up and fight?

Maybe if he did fight, he would’ve learned how to conduct foreign policy where one wrong word can cause calamity. He could pick up a book. Read a fourth grade history text book. Watch a Ken Burns documentary.

What do I know? Trump gave himself an A+ on foreign policy. That’s true.

During an interview, Donald said he deserved an A+ on foreign policy because Little Donnie always gets A’s, whether he deserves it or not.

It reminds me of that scene where Ralphie in A Christmas Story has daydreams of his teacher praising his Christmas essay!

I seriously can’t decide if we have a child or a third-world autocrat wannabe in the White House.

Whatever he is, it’s up to his party, the Republican Party, the Grand Old Party, The Party Of Lincoln, to put an end to this dangerous charade.

You’ve been preaching for years about personal responsibility and accountability. This is your chance to put-up or shut-up. This is your chance to do the right thing.

If not, then you’re complicit.


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