Wildfire Credit Union Longtime Employee, Linda McGee, Retires

Linda McGee retires after serving the community through Wildfire Credit Union for 18 years. McGee came to Wildfire in 2005 (then Communications Family Credit Union) with over 20 years experience in the financial industry, specializing in marketing and public relations. McGee graduated from the University of Arkansas. She began her career in Missouri, then moved to Michigan in 1985. McGee describes her time with Wildfire as being an experience that she will cherish.

Wildfire Credit Untion Retiree Linda McGee Photo: Wildfire.org

 “ I miss and will miss all the people I worked with and organizations I worked with. It was with some trepidation I made the decision to retire because I absolutely loved doing what I was doing.”

McGee recalls the name change from Communications Family Credit Union to Wildfire Credit Union as one of the biggest initiatives in her career. Getting involved in the community and being able to interact with the people who would be using the services was a highlight. Establishing a connection and trust from the community and current credit union members was important to her.

McGee said as a Michigan native, born in Traverse City, she plans to continue serving and helping where she can to help build her home.

 “Saginaw and the Great Lakes Bay Region are at my core, and I want to make my home a better place where people want to come and be entertained, I will always be part of this community.” 

McGee highlighted the importance of having a one-on-one personal experience with Wildfire and, with this style of connection, more can be accomplished, especially with small businesses and students. 

“We [Wildfire] work with and know small businesses to make sure they are achieving the goals they want to achieve, it is a personal service.” McGee. She also spoke about the Student Perks Program. This provides easy access to information on how to manage an account and more.