Wienermobile Visiting Sites Across the Great Lakes Bay Region

Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile is making rounds again, stopping around the Great Lakes Bay Region for a 4-day weekend starting Thursday in Saginaw.

The hot dog shaped wagon will be making it’s way from Covington, Louisiana on a two-day trek straight to Saginaw’s SVRC marketplace for a “Meat and greet” event.


That event runs from 1 to 4 pm (Thursday, March 3rd), and allows visitors to relish the moment by learning about it’s history and taking pictures alongside the iconic vehicle.

Other ‘Meat and greet’ events have been scheduled in

-Freeland on Friday the 4th, from 3pm to 7pm at Baynes Apple valley;

-at Bronners Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth on Saturday the 5th from 11am to 3pm;

-and at St. Laurent’s Brothers ‘Nut House’ from 11am to 1pm on Sunday, March 6th.

Frankly said, you’ll want to move your buns- because there’s no telling when the next visit will be.