Who Or What Does Trump Care About? I Think I Know

Click below to hear this week’s “Pat Political Point” with Pat Johnston from WSGW’s First Day. President Trump’s proposals to gut the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative shouldn’t surprise many considering who’s running the EPA. If you’d like to send me your comments and opinions, email me pat@wsgw.com


During last week’s “Pat Political Point,” I mentioned President Trump’s proposal to not only gut the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, but to also virtually destroy funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by 97%.

Donald wouldn’t be president if not for states bordering the Great Lakes, like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. And how does Trump show his gratitude? By proposing to kill the very program that helps states fight against invasive species, algae blooms, and pollution from ruining the largest fresh water resource in America.

The Great Lakes are a national treasure. They ought to be protected to ensure the environmental and economical survival of the region.

But when you have a President who operates his administration by what he sees on “Fox & Friends,” you get a President who’s ready to sell us out for the benefit of his elite group of friends.

The Environmental Protection Agency is now being run by a guy who doesn’t believe carbon dioxide is the main culprit of climate change. Despite years and years of science showing otherwise–and despite that very fact is stated on the EPA’s own website–Scott Pruitt covers his ears and closes his eyes.

Scott Pruitt previously served as Oklahoma’s attorney general, and he took part in 14 lawsuits against the EPA during President Obama’s term. Naturally, Trump put a climate change denier in charge of the very department he fought against for years.

Pruitt’s insane comments also contradicts what NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have concluded. They report that “16 of the 17 warmest years on record” have happened since 2001, with 2016 being the warmest.

I know that Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck don’t believe those numbers, but I’m going to trust the scientists. You know, if I go to the doctor, and he tells me after numerous tests that I have disease, I’m going to believe him. I’m not going to get a second opinion from some dude sitting on a park bench and accept his diagnosis over my doctor’s!

I know, call me crazy!

Trump has signed on executive orders allowing the coal industry to dump its sludge into clean rivers, and to dispose of President Obama’s fuel efficiency standards.

While natural gas and other cleaner, and more efficient, alternative forms of energy are the future, Trump thinks we reverse course, and revert back to yesteryear. How else to explain why coal companies can increase mine waste in watersheds? How else to explain why a moratorium granting coal companies the right to mine on federal lands has been lifted?

Experts say these steps won’t revive a dying coal industry. These actions only prolong the inevitable.

Same with proposing to scrap fuel efficiency standards that help not only the environment, but our oil consumption. Detroit automakers complain the standards too hard to achieve and too expensive. Don’t forget auto companies agreed to these standards as part of the auto loan deal we the taxpayers provided.

But thanks to an EPA run by an oil industry water boy, and other oil apologists inside this administration, scrapping fuel efficiency standards will mean more oil consumption, and more profits!

Detroit automakers are repeating the mistakes of the past. It might help in the short term, but in the long-term, Detroit automakers will once again rely on bailouts for failing to embrace the future.

I wonder if having an Exxon Mobile man as the country’s Secretary of State has something to do with this sudden rush to expand oil use. Hmmm.

Trump could be bold, telling us it’s time to embrace the next chapter in the American story. It’s time for us to realize new and exciting pursuits and adventures lie ahead in alternative energy.

Trump could’ve been a visionary.

But then again, we’re talking about Donald Trump who only cares about increasing the bottom lines for his billionaire friends.

That’s why Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are rushing to pass Trumpcare.

This joke of a bill fails on providing adequate health care coverage, but it provides lavish tax breaks for those making one-million dollars a year! A grand total of $157 billion in tax breaks awaits them.

Trumpcare is so concerned about providing quality coverage to millions of Americans that conservatives, many of whom call themselves Christian, sweetened the deal by giving health insurance executives tax breaks on their compensation.

Health insurers will provide quality coverage for all Americans by giving tax breaks to their CEO’s!

What? You don’t think this makes sense? Of course, it doesn’t make sense! Nothing makes sense anymore.


Whether it’s protecting the Great Lakes and the environment, or providing quality and affordable health care, Trump and his regime have already shown within the first 50 days who they cherish, and who they don’t.

I’ve got news for you. It’s not us.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Trump and his regime are working hard at destroying America’s institutions.

Putin is certainly proud of his work.




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