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President Biden is meeting with Cuban American activists at the White House Friday, after weeks of Cubans taking to the streets to protest their communist government leadership. The president will discuss the historic demonstrations and the Biden administration’s response to them, including new sanctions on Cuban leaders and establishing internet access for the Cuban people, according to a White House official. 

Cubans who exercised their speech in the most widespread protests in decades are now facing mass trials. At the White House, protestors calling to “free Cuba” have camped outside, urging the Biden administration to do more. 

How to watch Biden’s meeting with Cuban American activists

  • What: President Biden meets with Cuban American activists at the White House 

  • Date: Friday, July 30, 2021

  • Time: 4:45 p.m. ET

  •  Location: The White House 

  • Online stream: Live on CBSN in the player above and on your mobile or streaming device

The president is expected to meet with with L. Felice Gorordo, CEO, eMerge Americas, & co-founder, Roots of Hope; Yotuel Romero, lead singer of the Orishas; Ana Sofia Pelaez, Founder, Miami Freedom Project; and former Miami mayor Mayor Manny Diaz. One of Romero’s songs has become a rallying cry for Cuban protestors. 

The White House official said the White House has already held several meetings with Cuban American leaders and members of Congress. Earlier this month, the president ordered the State Department to create a working group to review U.S. remittance policy to make sure money Cuban Americans send home makes it directly into the hands of their families without the Cuban regime taking a cut. 

CBS News’ Kathryn Watson, Kristin Brown and Fin Gomez contributed to this report.

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