Voting Opened in Midland “Name the Plow” Contest

Election day may be a couple weeks away, but voting of another kind has begun in Midland.

Residents have the opportunity to vote on the top names for Snow Plows this winter. More than 300 names were submitted, and now that City Staff have whittled the list down to the top 20, the community now must vote on the 6 best names to be assigned to members of the city’s Snow Removal Fleet for the season.

Finalist names are: Snowreen Donker, Grace A. Plow, Scoop Dogg, Clearopathra, Lil’ Plow Wow, Buzz Iceclear, Scooperman, Ron Brrrgandy, Darth Blader, The Big Leplowski, Boom Boom Plow, USS Enterplow, Sweet Child O’Brine, Sled Zepplin, Sleetwood Mac, Plowticus, Plowasaurus Rex, Glacier Eraser, Blizzard Lizard, and Feeling Salty.

Voting is open at the City of Midland website until November 4th at 5:00 p.m. The winning names will be announced on November 21st.