A camera affixed to a robot captured an alligator hiding in a Florida stormwater pipe. 

On May 5, the City of Oviedo sent a four-wheel robotic camera to investigate “anomalies” under the roadway after a series of potholes appeared, the city said in a news release on Facebook

The city said the robot is usually deployed to inspect underground pipes for leaks, cracks, and defects.

During its inspection on Friday, a five-foot alligator made a surprise appearance. 

At first, the video shows two glowing eyes on what appears to be a toad. As the robot gets closer, it becomes clear the eyes belong to something much larger.

The alligator, most likely confused, carefully backs up while staring intensely at the robot. The alligator continues to walk backwards until the robot crashes into it, prompting the alligator to turn around and speed away as the robot trails closely behind. 

The chase continues for 340 feet and ends when the robot gets stuck on an indentation, allowing the alligator to “meander off,” according to the city. 

“Just another reason not to go wandering down into the Stormwater pipes! Thank goodness our crews have a robot,” the city wrote.