A member of the public tackled a man who fled from police during an arrest last week, video from the Tulsa Police Department shows.

Police say an officer was speaking to a suspect identified as Miguel Fernandez, who originally gave a false name. When the officer began questioning him, Fernandez fled. 

Video from the officer’s body camera shows him running after Fernandez — but before he could make contact with him, a driver jumped out of his pickup truck. 

The driver blocked the sidewalk and grabbed the suspect, knocking him to the ground.

The officer then jumped in to handcuff Fernandez, who was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia and felony warrants for burglary, conspiracy, larceny and illegal firearm possession in nearby Rogers County. 

“We love our citizens and greatly appreciate all the support that we get from you, this was definitely a case of 110% support,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “Please put your own safety first before engaging with any nefarious characters.”

Video of the incident was also shared on Facebook, where it has racked up nearly 300,000 views in a few days. In the video, the officer says he wants to get the name of the citizen who helped. It is unclear if the police department identified the man. 

The police department did not provide further information when CBS News requested a comment.